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Recent posts by Carlos Zarco

I was looking for this book because I'm taking the exam in 2 months. I've already taken the mandatory course but it wasn't as good as I expected... hope to win a hard copy of this book and be the envy of the office =P
I don't remember any question about handlers in my exam, anyway the topic is very easy. There is a good article here.
There was about 10 questions of JAXR( and UDDI, obviously), too many I think.
4 or 5 questions about WSIT, 5 or 6 questions about SAAJ, check this API.
I didn't found any questions about xml descriptors (web.xml, webservices.xml, ejb-jar.xml, etc)

The passing score is 42%

I think 80 hours is enough for preparing this exam

good luck!
Material used:

- scdjws 5 study Notes by Ivan Krizsan
- SCDJWS 5.0 Study Guide by Mikalai Zaikin
- Mikalai Zaikin's SCDJWS 5.0 Quiz
- Sun Specifications

I passed the exam without having written any line of code, I have just readed the examples on Lukasz's blog . It's very very theorical. Just read the material listed above.

The exam is very easy, but there are a lot of mistakes in it: wrong codes, wrong namespaces, code wich doesn't compile. I added several comments to the questions, I don't know if sun's personal review those comments, but I was very angry and thinking: what if I don't pass the exam? will sun review my exam if don't agree with the results?

Thanks Mikalai, Thanks Ivan, and Thanks a lot JavaRanch!!!