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Recent posts by Jagadeeswara Yaramala

Joe Ess wrote:I'm developing a reality show about developing a reality show. The great thing is...

That sounds like a "recursive" programming (of TV content) and may be without an exit condition...!!

I would like to start a "reality show on programming" featuring stars/gurus of programming..!! That should be artistic enough not to bore the non-programmers.
12 years ago

you are suggesting my cell phone should have a fiber-optic cable attached to it?

No...!! My thinking is that if there are fiber-optic connected networks, the cell-phone towers need not be of *that* height. One can easily use current existing electrical power poles or something of manageable height.
12 years ago
Really scary..

I think those cell phone companies either need to buy some robots which do this job or shift their technology to optical fiber or to satellites.
12 years ago

I don't believe that 50% of what programmers do is write the same kind of CRUD webapplications over and over again. If that was the case, programming would be a very boring job and somebody would have automated it a long time ago. The reason that programmers are in high demand is not because somebody hasn't found out yet how to quickly and semi-automatically make CRUD applications. (If you're a professional programmer and the only trick you know is making CRUD applications, then yes, you should be worried about your job).

As per current state of programming, yes....developer armies are required. However, if one sees things in a broader perspective, things might change very fast. In India, what farmers are doing for centuries had not changed much. It is just repetitive tasks. Now, if I observe the last 20 years, things have dramatically changed. And yes, more than 50% of farm work is being done with machines. Same goes for handloom industry.

You may say that is because of industrial revolution, etc...!!

Even, if I think of software industry I can give my own experience. I was a team member of a Japanese project, way back in 1998, to develop a retail supply chain management system. The programming language was Hologram (which is proprietary one used by the Japanese company) and we used to model in Rational Rose and get lot of code generated by the tool. The IDE used to be very effective in reducing the developer job and any above average business manager can do his software work (including reports, batch processes, online processes etc...). The company's goal was to automate the developer jobs by giving visual modelling tools to business managers. To summarize, we used a software system, in 1998, which had all the features of the current Oracle's ADF

Another aspect of why so many programmers are required is because there are so many programming languages, so many so called "helpful frameworks", so many OSes..etc. If whole of the world uses one programming language and one OS, then automating the software developer tasks might have been done already...!!! If modeling a software system is done as a standard process, then automating the software code generation may not be that difficult.
12 years ago
I googled for this and found a sourceforge project done for ASP.NET(not in Java).
Here are the links: sourceforge and project web site

Thanks for giving me this idea...!!!

And...here is a similar thing, but uses Vaadin, Spring and Hibernate: reincrud
12 years ago

I had this idea just two days back and thinking that I will do some eclipse plug-in for the same.
Then, I thought for some more time.....and this kind of thing will have no benefit to developers.

Once we have a CRUD thing done easily on an "arbitrary object", 50% of development jobs are cut down (In my opinion).
Next comes non-CRUD operations...that will be one step ahead and that also can be implemented if proper "parameterization" is done.

Consider, some big company(let us say, Google/Amazon) comes with a cloud service which gives this kind of framework and businesses may not need many programmers.

However, till the time somebody figures out how to do CRUD and non-CRUD operations on a "flat domain object", we are on the safer side.
12 years ago

My problem is that i dnt know how to display images

If image display on the jsp page is a problem, this link should help.

If pagination to display 10 items per page is the problem, then build pagination with the proper "href" tags giving query parameters. Also, you can explore more on pagination on this help link.

12 years ago
Some mistakes that I can think of:

1) In the faces-config.xml, you have put the following:

The file names are not correct as per your posting. That should be:

2) You have posted that the file name is viewPage.jsp, but that is not the same as viewPatient.jsp

3) Your backing bean has got a "dOB" as Date type. The addPatient.jsp has String being passed. That is not correct and you will get Expression Language error.


12 years ago
The android emulator runs slowly.

1) Increase the memory of elcipse in the eclipse.ini file (something like:


2) Keep the emulator running after the first launch without closing it. Close it only when you are done for the day. This way, the emulator takes only seconds to update.
12 years ago
This blog should help...!!
12 years ago
I too have this kind of problem.

My workaround is to click "Home" button and wait for some time. Then the "Hello World" application is displayed.
12 years ago
Thanks, Tim..!!
12 years ago

I want to publish my android app in the Google Android market.
There is a US$25.00 registration fee for the same.

My question is: Is that fee a one time charge? Can I publish multiple apps to the market with one time payment of registration fee?

Thanks in advance.
12 years ago
I thought this is of some help...!!
12 years ago
If all you want is to give access to your friends, you can use no-ip service (no-ip).
Even if you have dynamic ip, your friends will be able to access your application.
12 years ago