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Recent posts by Hubert Stroebitzer


A few days ago I got the notification that I succeded.

Thank you for your help. This forum is outstanding in its quality. I had a lot of questions. In the end I only had to ask two or three questions in a seperate thread. The other hundreds of questions were already discussed here. Further I like the way help is done here. Everyone wants to help and does this in a very nice way. Thank you all.

I did my essay on the 8th of october. I also sent my project via mail to oracle on this date. The notification that I succeded I got on the 3rd of November (which is my birthday BTW - Oracle made the best birthday present this year ;) ).

One small hint for the ones which are still on the work. My choices.txt file is very long. I started to make notes during the implementation. I tried really hard to do nothing more than is written in the instructions.html. I argued very often that it is not written in the instructions.html. Sometimes I wrote some ideas how things could be implemented better but I did not implement them because I decided that this is out of the scope of the project.

For example: If two clients lock the same record and one gots shut down with the Task Manager I run into a deadlock. I wrote this in my choices.txt as a great weakness of the program and added some possible ways to solve the problem and argued that I did not implement it because it is out of the scope of the project.

So again, THANK YOU all.

Best wishes

9 years ago
Today I submitted my assignment and went to a Prometric center to do my essay. Everything went well and I think the essay was no problem for me.

After I ended my test I went outside the testing room. The lady of the Prometric Center looked pitiful at me and gave me the Examination Score Report with the following written on it:

There are 4 questions in the exam. You answered 0 questions correctly which gives you a score of 0 %
Passing Score: 100% Your Score 0 % Test Status Fail

Hmmm. In my opinion there is no right or wrong answer on this essay. So I do not think this report is correct for my situation. I also think that the lady at the Prometric center does not know that. Am I right?

I'm a little dissapointed because I spent a lot of money and a lot of time into the project. Oracle and Prometric should be able to provide correct reports after the essay.

Has anyone of you also got 0 % of 100 % on the essay?

Best Wishes

Hi Roel

Thank you for your quick answer.


And the quiz: Hmmm. No. I reflected on it. But... hmmm... no. Please tell me.

Kind regards


I hate to ask this question.

I haven't found an answer in the forum so I will have to ask this detail question.

As far as I understood the java coding conventions they say about constants that it's not an error to captialize or not capitalize them as far you do it consistent. So I decided for my project to capitalize them. And they look like this:

So far so good. I think I do nothing harmful.

And now this:

Hmmmm. I hate it. What do you think about this? Do you think this will cost my points?

Regards don_huberto


Thank you for your replies. I understand your argumentation.

But I think I will keep my JAXB solution. I think I can justify this decision in the choices.txt.

In fact, I find it more simpler and less error-prone to use JAXB. My options class has getters like this:

And persisting such options looks like this:

And that's it. The file is called "".

I think this solution is also a very simple way.

Maybe soon I will regret this decission

Once again. Thank you for your statements.

Regards don_huberto


First of all. Thank you for this forum. I was a heavy user in the last months. I'm coming to an end with my SCJD implementation and now it's the first time I did not found an answer for my question.

I'm using JAXB for my file. This is a very convenient way to persist options via XML. AFAIK this has become a part of java SE 6.0.

=> Am I right? So I can use JAXB?

Greetings don_huberto