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Recent posts by indu iyengar

my code is ::
Hi all am trying to get the records with where clause using hql from mysql db, then it shows the exception as

in my java source class..

am using hibernate 3 and mysql 5.1

please help me guys..
Hi all, am using Simple form controller and overriding onSubmit() method...
I want to know the difference between processFormSubmission() method and onSubmit()method
can it be used as a substitue of onSubmit() ?
11 years ago
form is resetting with document.form.submit () ...
Am using spring mvc with POST method and when I try to submit a form using javascript function, the control is not going to controller..

please guys how to submit a form (post request) from javascript function...
oh ! I posted mapping file again instead of pojo ..
Course pojo ::
Hi all am using a many to many relationship and when I try to save the object , it shows the exception..

my mapping file is :::
course bean is :::

please please, am changing by googling but still getting the exception.. please help me ...
Hi all, when I started to use relationships, it ends up with different types of exceptions.. please give tell me what is key element and why index as the element in list ?

am using 3 tables..
student (studID primary key),courses(courseID primary key) and student-course(studID and courseID as columns )..

the student can select different courses.

so one student with

mapping file..

when I call then
Thanks Badal for your reply.. But what my point is .. I already stored course_id primary key column values..

after that if I want to store other column values, then its not working.. will it doesnot take the corresponding values for the specific primary key ?..

I tried to store other columns by giving where condition with primary key , but still the problem is there...
11 years ago
Hi all, I want to send some columns values from one table to other in mysql.

table1 = courses1
table2 = courses

each table has primary key courseID.

when i used

insert into courses(courseID) select courseID from courses1

it works properly.../// courseID is a primary key..
but when I used the similar kind statement by changing the column names its not working and showing the error as

how to pass these values ?
11 years ago
Please help me friends.. didn't resolved yet..

I don't know exactly how to write the .hbm file for relationships..

Thanks guys for your replies.. I just changed as you said..

now , its not showing any exception..coming to success page without storing .

here am posting my hbm file and code to store the object..

Hi all,

am trying to store an object by using one-to-many relationship ...
it shows the exception as

basic relationship is ::

one student can join in multiple courses...

code for course

code for student

mapping file

please let me know what is wrong with my code ?
Hi am using Hibernate3.. and can anyone suggests the best tutorial for relationships (with out using annotations ...)
Hi everybody,

in my application, the student will login with one StudentID, (here --- login-controller), after he has to enroll with courses (here --- EnrollCourseController...) In enrollcontroller, i have course details only..
for submitting these requests , i need to have studentID.... How to store/send loginId from one controller to other ?

any help would be highly appreciated..
12 years ago