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Recent posts by Ryan Offir

David Newton wrote:"Getting nowhere" still doesn't help--we still don't know what you can't do. We can't see your attempts. We don't know what you've tried. We don't know what issues you've had.

The point is I haven't really gotten anywhere at all.
I have created an HWPF Document form an input stream. That's about it. I have tried using the range class but haven't been able to "find" the pages I want to delete. After this point I thought maybe I should look into OpenOffice, but I can't find many examples/documentation and I wasn't even able to create a file to do anything with.
I'm sorry for my inexperience but I have never done anything in java with Microsoft documents before.

David Newton wrote:"Upload" in what sense? To the server? Or import into POI?

I mean, the getting started/tutorial docs go through that, so without specific information, it's impossible to help.

Some Background:

There are two documents (both have .doc and .pdf version), I have created a GUI in which a user provides some input. Based on that input some pages from the 1st doc will be removed. Next, step is that the user picks a save location on their computer, and then the 1st document (with the pages taken out) will be added to the second document (merged together) and saved on their computer. This final document will need to be edited, so I am trying to make this work with using docs and not pdfs.

I have tried some of the tutorials but I got no where, if you know of any that I may have missed I would love to try them.

David Newton wrote:
(Nothing involving a Word document is "ideal.")

What specific issue(s) are you having?

It isn't so much issues, as it is that I do not know where to start. I tried using Apache POI, and I could even upload the existing documents, let alone remove pages from them. The big thing is that when the final file gets exported it will still need to be edited afterwords outside of the program. I have done this program using just pdf's and it works, but, as I said and obviously, a pdf is not very editable. So my "ideal" file type would be to do everything in .doc format.
I have been creating a "tool" which basically takes two documents, and merges them together while removing some irrelevant pages from the documents. The irrelevant pages are determined based on user input. I have created a working version using itext and pdfbox. The problem is that the document needs to be edited even after it is run through the program. Therefore the ideal final file type would be a word document (.doc or .docx). So now I need to change it to export into a .doc format. I have both original documents in word and pdf versions. I am trying to avoid using pdf at all. I have tried doing this with apache poi and open office API, and not that they don't work, I am just not able to figure out how to merge the documents and to remove pages.

I am looking for any help/suggestions on what I should do.

Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.