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Recent posts by Jomon George

Dear Java Ranch Friends,

Today I have got mail from Oracle saying that I have passed the Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect certification.

For me it has been a long journey .... I feel very happy!

Support from fellow rancher's helped me a lot.

Thanks everybody

8 years ago
Dear friends,

Following the some previous posts, I assume that Oracle some delay between part 3 essay exam and part 2 assignment submission.

As I was travelling to a different country, I had to take part 3 in a rush (before fully completing part 2). I took part 3 on 24th December. Unfortunately, because of the climate change I fell sick and was bed ridden for one week.

I am hoping to submit part 2 in 2 or 3 days. Is this much delay is allowable?

Thanks Alexandre and Wolfgang !
Do you think that integrating web services in presentation layer makes sense?
As a second thought, considering performance reasons, I plan to consume/integrate web service in the presentation tier by using a POJO client class.
Thanks a lot for all comments....If we go up to that it worth 24 points.
Cade/Sheil sample is really simple one... just demonstrates load balancing concept.

I think we can also demonstrate/emphasize security aspects in the deployment diagram.

When specifying hardware/software specs, do we need to be specific? , Or can we specify more than one options?

Thanks for the comments...
I decided to use a DAO class which will abstract the calls to the existing Web service system...What do you think?
I share same thoughts...
Considering it worth 24 marks, I decided to add more stuff into Deployment Diagram.
Hello friends,

What would be an appropriate J2EE design pattern to interact with existing system which offers Web Service interface? Does this scenario necessitate the use of a design pattern?

Thanks Jeanne and Alexandre!

What do you think about influence of technology choices in component diagram/class diagrams?

Hello friends,

Can you please share your thoughts about the text sections of assignment?

What is the better approach for listing assumptions? Should it be common for the whole assignment? Or should it be on a diagram basis?

Should we have to describe about design/architectural approach? Do we have to tell anything about our preferred technology choices?

Thanks in adavance,
I got following reply from Oracle:

Hi Jomon,

Thank you for writing to Oracle Certification Program.

Please note voucher purchased from one country could not be redeemed in different country. You can submit the assignment from different country but cannot use the voucher.

We have changed the process of remitting assignments to make it more convenient for the candidate. Instead of waiting for upload permissions, please email your completed assignment to us directly at Please be sure you have completed your essay exam (310-062) before sending us your completed assignment and include your Prometric test ID with your submission. To register for the essay go to

OCP Team

In assignment email from Oracle, they asked me to email completed assignment to :
Thanks a lot Jeanne.

I have sent clarification email to (from which I received assignment).

Hello Friends,

Currently I am working on Part 2 assignment and bought Part 3 voucher.
I am planning to submit Part 2 & 3 next month. Is the voucher bought from one county valid in other county? Can I resubmit assignment in a different country?
Currently I am in India, I am moving to UK (to take up a job) by the end of December.

Does anybody have similar experience? Or please share comments

Thanks in advance,
Jomon George
Thanks Jeanne !
I'm going to list this as an assumption.