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Ville Desuza

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Recent posts by Ville Desuza

I have 2 tabs in a tab pane. Each tab has it's own controller.
I want to navigate from tab1 to tab2 on event generation from tab1 button.

How can we achieve this?
7 years ago

I need to show a session attribute in my Tiles header.jsp using OGNL:

Following thing works:

But following using OGNL doesn't work:

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.
9 years ago

I need to render a textfield and a text/label whose value changes according to textfield value.
I am able to change the values using javascript.
But i am unable to find any Struts 2 UI Tag which can render text/label whose value can be changed.

In short, i need Struts 2 Textfield without border.

Is there any way to implement this in Struts 2?

Thanks in advance.
9 years ago

Note: Company X and Y are Indian IT companies.

I am currently working in Company X who has inititiated my H1B visa. I am working in India only and haven't travelled to US yet.
I am planning to shift from company X to company Y as soon as i get my H1B done by company X.

I am willing to travel to US after joining Company Y only.

1. Is it possible to transfer H1B from comany X to company Y?
2. Will company X allow me take H1B after resigning or will company X cancel my H1B?
3. Can i negotiate with company Y for higher Indian salary as i will have H1B?

9 years ago
Thanks Bear Bibeault and Eric.
That was exactly i was looking for.
I can see my page without error both on IE6 and IE8.
So previous comment is still not clear to me!

How to determine CSS version used for a page/site?
How to render a Scrollable table with fixed header in a portlet jsp?

This is generally simple in non-portlet jsp pages as fixed width tables can be used.

In portlets the problem is:
We do not create fixed-width HTML tables in portlets. You have no way to tell how wide a column your portlet will have on a user's page. If your portlet requires more room than given, it might overlap with another portlet in certain browsers.

Please help. (Any Javascript or CSS solution will also be ok).