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Recent posts by Avishkar Nikale

Congrats Swati !!!

11 years ago
Congrats Dieter,

Your posts have also helped fellow ranchers a lot. ( e.g. the "Interface IS-A Object" one)

Do share your experience about the exam itself.

Cheers !!! Take a well deserved break...

11 years ago
Please correct me if I am wrong, in all cases where your thread terminates abruptly the finally will not run.

Dieter Quickfend wrote:Good find Avishkar! Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks Dieter,

All the best with your exam.

All the best with your Java journey. The forum & ranchers are always here to help.
11 years ago

Thanks for the link.

Man !!! Is there any question which has not been asked ??? ( How about this one )
11 years ago
For the given example since it is a 1-D primitive array it will create one object on heap.

Can you elaborate your doubt so that we can explain better ?
11 years ago
I think better explanation is that a subclass of the given class can implement the given interface hence the compiler creates no issues.

If you make the class final & there is no implementation of the interface in the hierarchy it will throw an compilation error.

E.g 1 will compile but Eg. 2 wont


What is the origin of Foo Bar in so many Java examples , Also the famous "Hello World !!!" ???
11 years ago
Joey Tribbiani : "Paper! Snow! A ghost!"

11 years ago
Rob & Shanky,

Thanks for the clarification.
11 years ago
Can you post the complete code alongwith the class definitions for Browser etc?

We will be able to help you & explain you better.

I think when the information is not sufficient then to make an assumption we can stick with the ground rules.
( As sugested by Divyeshh )