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Recent posts by Vishal Kashyap

points, don't to remember while preparing for OCPJP Exam.

Oho! WOW!!!
Awesome Buddy!!!
Congrats! For your marks and thanks for sharing your experience with us.
8 years ago

Sandra Bachan wrote:

As I went though the questions, I was praying, and kept telling myself that I did my best and that God is on my side.

At the very end, I didn't think I had passed, but I told myself that God has a plan for all of us and it is not the end of the world.

Lo and Behold, I passed! The testing center folks said, "If you know it, you know it"

Few weeks later I found out that 90% of the people who take OCPJP exam at that particular test center FAIL. I was the 10%...

We are the light warriors.... Our sword would shine .......... Its My Believe.
Thanks For Sharing Your Experience With Us.
Thanks All..........

I've asked this question because during my preparation; get frustrated because of choosing WRONG answer or mistakenly leaving one/two correct option, after matching the actual answer with mine from the book(SCJP K&B and KM). And I am not satisfying my EXPECTATIONS. . Too much worried about MY EXAM and SCORING.

May I get the screen shots of Exam screen any where on net?
Hi All,
I am preparing for SCJP/OCPJP Exam and little bit confused about answering of questions. Most of all, each and every question contains more than one correct options. So, do we need to select all correct options given in any question (if asking for) or single section would be counted as a correct answer?

Right now; I am studying Head First Java, and little bit confused about----

ArrayList and ArrayList<.....Any Class Here....>

as I know, ArrayList always comes with their angle brackets; shows, which class it was for.
but getting confused, because of its(ArrayList) use without angle brackets and class in it. at page.287 first column(and several places).

I'd like to know,

could we use ArrayList like that i.e. without angle brackets & their class? if yes, then what does it mean to?

As I think, if we don't use angle brackets; then it means ArrayList will use Object class. Isn't it?

Please, guide me, here.

8 years ago
As you all have told to go through Head First Java; I am doing same . And feeling well . But, I have a single question to you again that I've to appear for SCJP Exam upto March'2011 and secure more than 90% there. So, please guide me for its preparation process (i.e. how to use books sequence). I mean to say, how to traverse through books? i.e.

1] Head First Java
2] ? (what next)
3] ? (what next)
4] ? (what next)
??? and then.

I have Head First Java, K & B For SCJP, Khalid Mughal for SCJP, Java CORE, Java How to program 8th Edition, Ivor Horton's Java For Beginners and Thinking In Java. So, please please please guide me about books usage; i.e. after Head First Java, What would I do, means to which book I go through next and then after, what?

Waiting For Your Proper Guidance.

Manish Hatwalne wrote:When will it be available in India?
- Manish

Hey manish it was always here lol..........
try shroff publishers........Head First Java...........distributors of O'Reilly in India.
9 years ago
Well said Baichuan Huang,
please check this link for more details....... Java Vs C#
9 years ago
Hey Rahul,
For online and download purpose you can find Java API for different versions here Java APIs.
and by clicking your favorite link, on the upper right corner you can see download link...........
try it.
9 years ago
Thanks Ritchie Sir.........Glad to know my mistakes.
9 years ago
Thanks Wouter ,

Definitely I'll try your suggestion of Coffee....... First.
9 years ago

I have a confusion regarding formatted printing i.e. printf().

Basically, as I know printf() is more powerful and handy to use . But, I know here,

%d is used for integer.
%s is used for String.
%f is used for float.

But, what about double, boolean, long, short, etc . I mean to say, Do you have any link regarding complete detail about printf() usage? Please provide me complete detail or any link if you have.
9 years ago
OCPJP be integrated into CertView on Oracle website.