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Recent posts by Jim Size

hello everyone, I am new in the android development and I am trying to learn how to simply access a database via an android application.
I have read that my database must be in a web service form for many reasons.
First I turned a small database into a web service.
I builded a procedure to return some information from my database (in microsoft sql server), then i created the endpoint.
Now what i want to do is to try to access my web service. I don't know how to do it.
I have read many things with the HTTP post request but I am confused.

Ok i got a sollution with KSoap2
10 years ago
Lucas Jordan & Pieter Greyling.
Best wishes!
11 years ago
thanks a lot Ulf and Darryl for replying, i am going to check em all.
11 years ago
thanks for your fast reply!

yes, its my mistake. i checked some packages and i didn't like em (like java3d).
so i want some suggestions(maybe on previous experience) for plotting in java.

i am not using some external api at the moment.

11 years ago
i don't like the plot style of a function, some points or an array, especially in 3D in java.
so i checked Java3D and i didn't like it either.

Does anyone know if its possible to implement in a java application a way to plot some stuff with another program?
programs like matlab or mathematica (GREAT plots).

I thought maybe i can connect java with another program so i can get better plots.

can i do that?

11 years ago
thank you all for your help!

it really helped me.

11 years ago
thanks a lot for your replies.

can you please give me some company-names that probably i should fit in ?
because i am not studying in america and my university can't really help me.
if you got any information from previous experience with a company it would be great if you can share it (for summer intern of course).

i don't know if its eligible to talk about the "names".

the problem is that i don't know which companies are good to begin with on this step of my career.

thank you.
11 years ago
well i had no idea for internships and thats why i posted, so i can learn...

secondly, how can someone apply for a internship when he is on his 2nd year of studies?
when you are on your 2nd year of studies you have done so few courses...

thanks for your helpful reply.

edit: do you really learn stuff about the work or because of the little time that you are going to stay in job they don't really give you informations about the work etc.

11 years ago
hello everyone,
i need one more year to finish my studies and i would like to know if it is a good idea to sign for a summer internship in a company.

courses i have finished: Java, data structures, DBMS, algorithms and a lot of mathematics,
since my major is CS & mathematics
i have also worked with a research team for developing a biometric software(in Java).

can you suggest me some companies that i probably should fit in?

any help would be great.

11 years ago
Do you mean a model you can rotate and move and look at from different angles? Yes

imagine that i want to create a rotatable 3d shape (a tube)

and my 2d images are circles. If i combine all those circles for a certain length i want to create a tube.

the 3d image i want to create looks like a tube and my images are vertical "cuts - slices" of the tube.

thanks for your fast reply!

11 years ago
hello, i wonder if i can create in java a 3d image from a set of images (lets say 50 images).

if we combine those images (2d images), we can create a 3d image.

(each 2d image is an intersection of the 3d image)

can i do that?

i am not sure how i can explain it right.

it would be great if you can link me some articles or books so i can learn about those stuff.

11 years ago
thanks mate for the help
the doClick() works fine! its exactly what i wanted
11 years ago
i know ralph that i need to avoid the copy and paste stuff but i think that you didn't understand my problem.

i need to write in the (if (e.getSource==allmenuitem){ "press" whitemenuitem; "press" redmenuitem; etc...})

already all my methods are separated from the UI stuff.
i know that when some same lines of code must be executed multiple times i should find a way to add em into a method so it will be less code.
but in my case i got 1.8k lines of code and i broke all my code into parts so it will be easier to access whats needed by pressing a menuitem and running the methods.

but each menuitem does a unique job like showing into the textarea for example all the same coloured areas.

when each menuitem is pressed lets say that it needs to execute 5 lines(run 3 methods and write into the textArea the stuff and update it) of code that are unique for each menuitem and they are inside the (if e.getSource==menuitemX...)
and i have 5 menu items

i need somehow tell my program to press that jmenuitem automatically through my code (many menuitems) because i don't wont to to add 5x5=25 lines of code into that "if" (if e.etSource==all ... ).
thanks again for answering so fast but how can i write in my program to press automatically the jmemuitem like the user has pressed it ? ? ??

11 years ago
thank you for your answer,

i got a JTextArea where all my JMenuItems write information from executed methods (those methods are executed if needed inside the "(if e.getSource==menuitemX {.. blah blah call method... window.append("found...");...} ).

i understand the advantage of your second suggestion but i can't understand how i am going to do it.

as i said i have never done it before and i don't know what should i look for.

can you please give me informations (sites, links, books, keywords, etc) for both statements ?

thank you again!

//edit// because i don't know this thing, i thought that a solution for faster executing some menuitem (pressed) to add keybinding (ctrl+1, etc) but i want to create a "All" menuItem so it can execute the menuitems i want.
11 years ago
i got a problem, i have created my image processing application.
the user can acquire information about some colors of the image(Red-white-etc).
i give him the option to get the information for each color with for JMenuItems (red - white etc)

whiteEl3 is a JMenuItem.

so when the user click it he gets some information (i cut some code because i got no problem with the code).

the thing i don't know how to do is the following:

lets say that the user wants to get all the information, that he can from my JMenuItems (i got 20) but i dont want to make him click all that items.

i can make one more (lets name it "All") that when he clicks it, he gets all that info.
i thought that its not good to make a JMenuItem that is a copy of a mass code of the rest 20 items.
code for whiteEl3(example):

TIP: don't bother about processflag container whiteflag find etc.

so i believe that when the user clicks "All" in my code it should create some actions for each JMenuItems
like whiteEl3 action and then the program will do the same stuff like he has pressed whiteEl3 etc.

i think that if its possible the user will do only one click on JMenuItem "All" but in the code automatically will be performed some other actions for making the program "believe" that he clicked all the JMenuItems.

i have never done this before and its the final thing i need to give my application.
it would be helpful if you can link me some sites or give me some suggestions for that.

11 years ago