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Recent posts by amit mandal

Congratulations! Keep up the good work!
7 years ago

bhargav reddy vempalli wrote:
i am also planning to right ocjp6 i am just worried about the time is only 1:20 min is that sufficient for 60 questions. Is it harder than scjp? please let me know as early as possible because
i have booked the date.

thank you
bhargav reddy

Trust me, time is not going to be a constraint. Except the name, time duration and number of questions, there is hardly any difference between scjp and ocpjp. So nothing to fear. But before you go, do solve lots of questions.

Good luck!
7 years ago

Simon Joseph Aquilina wrote:Hi,

I found the following on Wikipedia;

So does this mean that SCJP/OCPJP for Java7 is out? I have studed for SCJP/OCPJP 6 but if there is a certification for Java 7 then I prefer to take that exam instead. What would be the best way for me to prepare myself SCJP/OCPJP 7?


1z0-804 is still beta. Its not a good idea to skip OCPJP 6 for a beta exam. So you have two options- wait for the regular OCPJP 7 to come out or take the OCPJP 6. The beta exam will have more questions plus result will come out very late.
OCPJP 7 - official page
FAQ - read beta FAQ.

Piyush Joshi wrote:There are no drag & drop questions in the exam. They have been removed.
So don't worry about them

Thanks buddy for the confirmation.

Piyush Joshi wrote:...and the new exam code is 1Z0-851.

Piyush can you remove my confusion regarding the drag and drop questions?

Oceana Wickramasinghe wrote:This topic raised a question, is scjp = ocjp or ocpjp now?

scjp == ocpjp == Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer

and I think , she meant SCJP instead of OCJP.

Prabhjot Jassal wrote:
Latest Topics Removed

1. Serialization.
2. Thread Interaction (Objective 4.4 no longer there)
3. Drag and drop

Nevertheless, it is always better to know these topics as sooner or later you going to use them.

Now am totally confused Yesterday i asked the wizlab guys on facebook if the drag and drop questions has been removed or not from the new scjp 1.6(now 1z0-851) but he said they are still there So are you 100% sure that drag and drop questions have been removed? Apart from the removed topics are there any other significant changes?

Bert Bates wrote:Hi Guys,

Bitwise operators like these are NO LONGER ON THE EXAM !



Yes i knew. I just asked for knowledge's sake ;)
Thanks guys i understood
can someone tell me the difference between ">>" and ">>>" with an example? Every time am understanding am getting confused and back to where i started :/
yes you are right.. the equality operator checks if the reference variables are pointing at the same object or not
i modified the code:


how is it that the free memory is always the same?

Ankit Garg wrote:When you use new operator, a new String object will be created in the heap...

see this:


no memory change when i use the "new" to create the string

my question:
when we declare the string literal, its created in the string constant pool in the heap. But when we are invoking the new to create a string with same value,is it creating a new String object in the heap or the reference variable is simply pointing the literal in the string constant pool??