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Recent posts by Andres Gonzalez

Hi. I'm having problems using the CONNECT BY feature in oracle 9.

I need to check which code is causing a loop between parent and child. In 10G I could use CONNECT_BY_ISCYCLE, but it is not available in 9i; so what I did was the following (if there's a better solution please let me know).

parent_id | child_id
111 | 777
777 | 111

this should cause a loop and I should be able to tell the user that code 111 or 777 (either) is causing the problem.

If there's a loop (the exception code is -1436), then I get the code and return it to the client.

However, in some situations the exception thrown is the following:

java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows

the problem is in this sql:

SELECT parent_id
INTO class_parent_id2
WHERE parent_id = c1.parent_id
CONNECT BY PRIOR parent_id = child_id
start with parent_id = c1.parent_id;

am I using connect by correctly? Is there any other better way to retrieve the offending code that is causing the circular loop? is the PRIOR keyword needed?

You just need to read my signature to figure it out ....
19 years ago
I installed it but it doesn't work. Anyone had luck with it?
what books (resources) did you use for the exam?
20 years ago
I've installed eclipse M8. After reading the help online, it says that on preferences->workbench there's an option for fonts. But there's no font option at all!!
I'm using KDE and the code in eclipse looks so big. I even have to scroll to the right, when I wasn't used to that before.
does anyone know how to fix this?
I just downloaded but it doesn't do anything when I configure the ftp site. I clik on next button, after setting the values but it just does nothing.
has anyone tried it?
I'm using KDE. I just can't find it!!
20 years ago
Fellows, my requirements are :
- run in linux (duh)
- allow me multiple configurations. For instance, allow me to set up that when someone sends me an IM, a pop up window does not appear!, only in the taskbar. It's so anoying that everytime you get an IM the window pops up!! I'm currently using (trying) AOL IM, but I personally don't like it.
- keep logs of the conversations I have. THIS IS A MUST!!!
I was using trillian, but unfortunately there's no linux version.
20 years ago
basic, very basic question.
I have unzipped my eclipse downloaded file ( in /home/user/eclipse folder.
I tried typing this:
but I get this error:
bash: /home/aegonzal/eclipse/eclipse: cannot execute binary file
what am I doing wrong? my path is:
sigh.. I downloadd eclipse but I'm not sure if I downloaded the correct file. The options were this:
Linux (x86/Motif) (Supported Versions)
(http) (ftp) (md5)
Linux (x86/GTK 2) (Supported Versions)
(http) (ftp) (md5)
Linux (AMD 64/GTK 2) (Supported Versions)
(http) (ftp) (md5)
I downloaded:
is that the one I need? what's motif?
20 years ago
finally I took the exam. Got 88%. Last night I tried HF mock exam and got 65%, so I was confident about it.
what I did:
HF EJB, read several times
EJB spec
that's it. happy studying!!!
party time
20 years ago
Hi. I have just dumped windows and installed linux (red hat). In windows you can use windows explorer to "explore" files, create files, copy files, etc. The similar one I have installed is "Konqueror", which is ok, I'd say.
does anyone use something different? any suggestions?
I also need to map one network location and I haven't figured out how to do it in konqueror.
20 years ago

guess what ?
The /etc/crontab has nothing to do with your own cron file. Perhaps you need to add the MAILTO parameter to your own cron file.

why did it take you so long to say this?
I added the MAILTO parameter into my cron, and it worked. the MAILTO in contab file has nothing to do with it.
I was just ready to start with the .forward option, when I got an email into my mailbox.
thanks a lot guys, I learned a lot!
20 years ago