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Chandrasekar Venkatraman

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since Aug 23, 2010
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Error lies in this line

"c.address,,c.provinceStateId,b.provinceStateCode " +
"c.postal, c.fax " +

See that there's no comma after b.provinceStateCode .
Thjis is the issue. Query looks correct.

Just in case anyone's facing the same problem.

I got an idea.
I am trying to implement an editable Grid. As Java code is written in GWT, To get a dynamic Grid, I can limit the Column Config based upon some conditions.

Will post back once it's done.

If anyone get's a solution before that kindly post it.

Chandrasekar V.
9 years ago

I need to dynamically bring the columns in a Grid. I need to implement it in GXT.
I find options for editable grid, but I need to implement a dynamic grid (display the number of columns dynamically)

Can anyone kindly provide some points for me to proceed?

Chandrasekar V.
9 years ago

Mathieu Fortin wrote:Have you looked into jmeter ( ?? Seems it could work with GWT.

Dear Mathew,

Thanks for the post!

My application uses asynchronous calls. JMeter doesn't support that feature.
I had looked across NeoLoad(NeoTys), JMeter, Grinder, Stress Tester, Open Web Load, Load Runner but in vain.
I am using Linux OS ( I can't move over to windows.. -- company requirements). This is a main blocker.
I am looking for a load testing tool that would enable me to record and dynamically change values to implement the load test.
9 years ago
I am proud of you Jesper de Jongfor the comments.. and I am also happy that you have visited only places that you need to, so that India's image is not tarnished.
9 years ago

Muse Ran wrote:Those news are not coming out and they have their other major problems, and this becoms minor when compare. But in India, Media is bring all...

You yourself accept that the media doesn't bring things out.
For example: Only because of media could wikileaks become popular and create an earthquake in the US. Else, nothing would be known!

Every country has got issues that it considers major and minor.

For Indians, sex abuse and corruption are major issues.
9 years ago

Muse Ran wrote:

>> Is these things happening (whatever you said) - happening only in India.. ?? Its world wide


It may happen all over the world,

Is it happenning in a particular country each day?
If your answer is yes, then are there scenarios where children with age ranges 3 to 16 years are the victims?

I am not trying to defame my country.. Just posting what's going on...
9 years ago

Muse Ran wrote:people who visit india (on their vacation) - doing these things?

If you visit India once, You can learn all the things I mentioned!
It so happens that the incidents happen in some place of the other, each day..
9 years ago