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Marcelo Sousa Ancelmo wrote:
I had just received an letter from Prometric with my beta exam transcript, my score was 80%

61 for me
According to Oracle, we should received the result to the mail in our profile in Certmanager.
But i wondering, how Certmanager could know that we passed the exam with prometric ?
For the mail I found that a little bit surprising..
Because I passed the exam with prometric so how oracle could know my email ?
On the PerseanVue and Oracle CertView sites there is no trace of my EJB certification. So how Oracle could link my Oracle ID with my Prometric ID ?

Surely ! I hope to get the percentages quickly !
"Passed" too

No one failed the exam ? Is oracle give it to everyone ?
Yes and according to this page : beta info

We should have received a mail the 21 January for the beta testers..
Someone received a mail ?
Yes of course in February -_-
And in February we'll have a new mail saying that the results will be again postponed to march !

It's really disrespectful from Oracle I think

Anyway, thanks for keeping up informed !
12 weeks ? It means the following week !
Thank you for your support ;)