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Florin Antonescu

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Recent posts by Florin Antonescu

Olu Shiyan wrote:So I guess if you downloaded the assignment before September 01, 2010 but submitted and did the essay in say October 2010. You'll get an Oracle certification right?

The official Oracle position as presented on their website is that

Oracle wrote: Upon completion of all steps, you will achieve an Oracle branded certification title.

Roberto Perillo wrote:Well, if I were you, I'd submit the assignment today, to avoid any risk, you know...

I think I will submit it today.
To which email address should I send the assignment to? or or or ?
Should I upload it to anymore?
Hi there!
I have a question related to the new names of the Sun certifications. Today I gave the essay exam of the SCJD certification, but haven't submitted the assignment yet. I was thinking of waiting until 2-3 September and then to upload it, maybe in this way I will receive an Oracle certification title. What do you think, is it possible, or should I upload it now?