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Recent posts by Arun Boraiah

Hi one our application we have MDB Bean,

In the ejbCreate I found JMS connection is bind to context object something like this.

ctx.bind(jndiName, MQQueueConnectionFactory);
ctx.bind(queueJndiName, Queue);

Then context is closed by calling the close method.

ejbRemove is kept empty.

In the effort to clean the code (MQ open connection reported in production) we are in the process of closing the MQ connection which are not in use.

Since the scope of queue object is only with in the ejbCreate. Is it valid to close the MQ connection before closing the context?

I am relativity new in the subject, any help would be highly appreciated.

[ March 11, 2008: Message edited by: Arun Boraiah ]

Details of the setup

Application server Weblogic 8.1 SP2
Orbix version 6.0

When applicaiton is trying to making corba call we are getting the exception
org.omg.CORBA.NO_PERMISSION: orb with this id already exists vmcid: 0x0 minor code: 0 completed: No
Can any one help in guiding me what could be cause of the exception.
Please note this call were functing eariler and we are facing this issue off late.

Thanks for your time on this matter.

12 years ago
Your question is unclear, if you need quick respone you can add some context to your quesiton.
13 years ago
SimpleDateFormat dtFormat1 = new SimpleDateFormat("ddMMyyyy");
dt = dtFormat1.parse("02052006");
System.out.println("date is " + dt);
[ May 02, 2006: Message edited by: Arun Boraiah ]
13 years ago
You can, explore the java.text.SimpleDateFormat class.
13 years ago
Hi Mythily,
i am not sure if we be have direct way of fining time differnce. Well as for i know you have java.util.GregorianCalendar Class which helps to achive what you intend too...
13 years ago
Switch case is another alernative.
One more option is use HashMap. In HashMap you store the method name for each key, where key is the option.
based on the option entered get the method name from the hashmap and using reflection to call the method need to be execute.
[ April 28, 2006: Message edited by: Arun Boraiah ]
13 years ago
Once you get the File object check is the file object is file or directory.
Once you get the confirmation it is file, from getName() retrive the file name string. In string object you check if file name ends with the extension you want with endsWith() method.
13 years ago
Hi Sonal,
I hope you are talking about writing batch file on windows.
Batch file is about instructing OS to execute the command in the sequence you want. List of batch command can be found by typing help in command prompt. You wisely arrange commands to achieve your requirements.
[ April 28, 2006: Message edited by: Arun Boraiah ]
13 years ago
General intent of abstract class is to provide implementation for method which requires no overriding.
So what is the intent of overriding abstract method which is implemented?
If you still desperate to call the abstract class method, then remove or change the method name in class b. Then you will be able to call abstract class method.
[ April 07, 2006: Message edited by: Arun Boraiah ]
13 years ago
Hi All,
Apologies not responding in time, I was able to resolve the problem. The cause for the problem was not with in the code, but it was in environment setting. Classpath was pointing to wrong database driver. On correcting the classpath the application restored to it�s normal behavior.

Thanks for your time....
You can execute application from java using Runtime object. Find the sudo code below.
Runtime rtObj =Runtime.getRuntime()
13 years ago
Hi Guys,
Thanks for your response.
The problem is resolved, The cause for the problem was the classpath.
I mean the driver present in the classpath was not one expected. Hence on correcting the classpath, application is working fine.
Hi Jignesh,
Actually if connection was null, then when i tried createStatement() on connection object i should have got null pointer exception. However i tried your condition and i found that connection is not null.
Any other inputs....
Hi All,
One of the existing application which is used over a period of time causing a problem all of sudden.
When investigated i found the Statment object is not returned from the Connection object.
System.out.println("Connection is closed " +conn.isClosed() );
//isClosed() is returing false, which making me to belive connection is fine.
Statement st =conn.createStatement(); //st is null

What whould be possible reason createStatement method return null...
Thanks in advence for help....