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Recent posts by Sanjai Mishra

I have sent a mail to OCP Team , I got a response " Please note that your essay will not be graded again and you do not need to retake the essay exam. You can fix the assessors comments and submit the assignment resubmission.
But if part 3 not cleared then over all status will fail ?
Hi All,

I have received result but comment of every topic "Missing/broken link from html file to diagram image file" , how I verify my assignment uploaded properly or not ?

I have received this mail with attached assignment from

Hi Sanjay,
We are changing the process for this certification. Rather than download the assignment instructions and upload the assignment completions, we are simply sending it to you as an email attachment and you will send us back a JAR file. Please see your attached assignment.

When you have completed your SCEA assignment, please go to Prometric and take Part 3 of your certification. Part 3 is the exam 310-062, which you can register for at We cannot grade your assignment (310-301A) without the completion of the essay (310-062).

When you are ready to send us your completed assignment you may email it to We will then collect your essay responses and send this off for grading. We will respond to you with a grade within 4-6 weeks.

Good luck
Oracle Certification Program
Thanks for your reply, but I have received this assignment by email where I get existing assignment voucher no. ?
Hi All,

I have sent my assignment by email, and when I about to attend the exam at Pearson Center It was showing error message for registering Part III, error message about Part II .

Today I have received this mail
Thank you for your assignment submission.

Please confirm us you have completed the Part III essay exam (310-062). If yes please send us a scanned copy of your 310-062 essay exam score report.

OCP Team

I am very confused what should I do, I have received assignment by mail I don't have any voucher no.

If anyone resolve this issue please share with us.

Sanjay Mishra