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Recent posts by Jim Bertorelli

I had ordered this book at the start of the month but the page still says:

This item will be published on June 15, 2002. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

Did anybody get his copy yet? I hate this tactics of locking customers. Why can't they give the right date?
Just one minor correction to what Peter said. Sessions are not actually shared accross multiple JVMs. They can, however, be moved across multiple JVMs.
The point is, an HttpSession will be available only on one JVM at a time (so no sharing since only one JVM has exclusive access to the session). And all the requests belonging to that session will be serviced by that JVM. In case of failover or load balancing, the clustor manager can "move" this session to another server.
This is in contrast with the non-default servlet contexts, where each JVM has it's own copy of the the ServletContext. In this case also there is no sharing because each JVM has exclusive access to it's own copy.
<test>i'll delete it.
22 years ago
Map, conceptually what you are saying is valid but i think your application is wrong. The reason is you are applying your concept to "change" another concept called MARRIAGE.
The concept of MARRIAGE, as very correctly explained by Cindy, is nothing but a contract that promotes a sense of security in both the parties. Now, this contract is being used almost in the same form all over the world. And this IS MARRIAGE.
Now, just as there are different kind of companies such as LLC, Inc. etc. you can have different kind of contracts for relationship as well. Choose what ever suits you the best. In your case, you are defining a new type of contract. But you can't change MARRIAGE. If it were a variable, you could call your contract as MARRIAGE2 but not MARRIAGE.
The contract of MARRIAGE == Love + Fidelity + Expectations + other things.
The contract of MARRIAGE2 == Love.

People of the world have overwhelmingly chosen to enter the contract of The contract of MARRIAGE. However, that does not mean it is 100% correct/without flaws. But then, so is the contract of MARRIAGE2. It will have it's own deficiencies.
So what I want to say is set an example by entering your contract and propagate it...who knows, 10 or 50 or whateever years down the line, the contract of MARRIAGE might become obsolete!
And again, you cannot redefine MARRIAGE.
22 years ago
Filters are not needed for the exam. Rest assured
Swing is not in the exam. So yes, you only need to study the AWT.
I think it is a perfectly valid question. If one doesn't know the basics, it is indeed very tempting to think that MultiThreadModel is a standard interface (just like SingleThreadModel).
Isn't "real ghost" an oxymoron?
22 years ago
Just to add: The servlet context for the default web-app is non-distributable. That means it exists on only one JVM and is not copied to other JVMs.

Originally posted by Dirk Schreckmann:

What happens when we try to evolve (change) a language too fast? You are not efficiently understood.

I think Dirk nailed it. Using such short cuts are like evolving the language toooo fast. May be a few decades from now, that would be the norm but it is not so right now. And so if you use this style in your questions, you may not get responses from a lot of people.
Having said that, I would rather reply to such posts than wasting time on posts that ask, "What is JQ+?".
You will know more about a person by reading what is he/she asking, rather that how he/she is asking. Of course, if reading the post itself is difficult....
22 years ago
Congratulations! Good job indeed.
Paul, How about a dollar a question? I have not taken the test yet and I haven't bought your software either. So this would be good for both of us. What do you say?
Go to a dos prompt and see whether java is working or not:
See what you get. If you get "Bad Command ...", then check you java installation.
Congratulations for your success, Rick. And thanks for your feedback on the mock exams. In general, I am not a big fan of mock exams...if they don't help up get a good score then they are worthless; if they do, then it's like running with steriods. They give unfair advantage to the candidate.
Anyway, enjoy your success.
22 years ago