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Recent posts by Constantin Ciornei

Hi everybody!
Stephen, 2 days before the test I was very close to cancel the exam because of some mocks. As I said already, use the mocks for learning and not for score.
In this site a lot of people said that MarcusGreen1,2,3 mocks are very close to real exam. The questions with code, yes I agree. But the questions with English sentences are far .....
I think sun worked hard to put the questions in simple words.
So, go and take the exam.
Thank you, Suresh!
Thank you Ajith!
Thank you JavaRanch!
Can somebody tell me, what is next?
Thank you javaRanch for help.
Thank you Ajith for you time (in my last thread).
Thank you Rule-RoundUp Game.
I don�t speak English very well�.
So, some tips for those like me.
Questions were very, very, very clear. There was no ambiguity. If I didn�t understand a question I tried to figure out what they were testing me. The 88% score is a result of my low Java knowledge, and not of my low English language. Unfortunately, I finished the test in 1h. and 42min. I checked only 19 questions. I corrected 2 absolutely simple questions. Incredible stupid mistakes. For this reason I think that the new test in 90 min. will be hard. I don�t understand why Sun does that. After all, if you don�t know the correct answers it doesn�t matter if you spend 1h. or 5h. in front of the computer in the testing center.
I agree with a new test with more questions or more difficult, but I disagree with less time. But�
1.Khalid,�.. (except string literals and may be threads.)
2.RHE, Brodgen for last month.
3.I couldn�t use JLS because of my English. Now I have all the time in the world�.
4.Mocks from Maha�s page. (Thank you Maha). But very few of them. Especially Jxam.Don�t try to keep the score. It will break down.
Every day, each day, at list one rule round-up. 10 questions were similar. But not only because of that. It really helps you to refresh your memory.
5.I kept the RHE test for my last day (86%!!!) I did this test only once 2 month ago.
Level of difficulty: medium.
Learning time: 5 month (aprox. 4-5h. per day)
Place: Toronto.
Thank you JavaRanch!
In RHE, pag370, in q2 there is a line:
wich is ok. Why?
I didn't understand the explanation from the book.
Can you help me?
Thank you.
Congratulations!!!. (Felicitari!)
If you understand the last word please e-mail me at
constantin ciornei, toronto