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Recent posts by Andrey Orekhov

Bear, thanks a lot, thats a kind of answer i was hoping to get
17 years ago
As it seems from the exception, in the called servlet you try to read parameter value into numeric variable, but all parameter values are Strings in fact. So you need to take extra step and parse parameter string to extract number. Something like int paramA = Integer.parseInt(paramAValue);
17 years ago
Just try to use fully qualified class name of the applet as the value of code attribute: CODE="packagename.classname.class". Also applet class file should be placed within web application, e.g. web application name is 'test',
then you access servlet via http://hostname :port/test/servlet/Servletname.class
Applet class file should be placed in test/packagename/ folder within your web server. In this case you dont have to mess with CODEBASE attribute value and can leave it to be "."
[ August 11, 2003: Message edited by: Andrey Orekhov ]
17 years ago
Safrole, good plan, i will consider doing the same as soon as ISPs here start offering such kind of service. Unfortunatelly, at the moment best that I can get without much hassle is ADSL, which is not exactly good idea for running the server
Does anybody worked with any hosting with JSP/servlet support? It seems to be not much of such hosting solutions offered on the market. I wonder why...
17 years ago
Task - to send unknown number of objects in unknown period of time from server to client (applet)
What are possible ways to implement this task?
I tried 2 approaches, both failed to work:
1) Applet using URLConnection makes request to the servlet. Servlet obtains OutputStream and passes it to the class which will later send objects through the client.
Doesn't work, as output stream seems to be closed after servlet doGet() method returns
2) Applet creates ServerSocket which listens for incoming requests on specified port. Then applet makes request to the servlet. Servlet obtains remote hostname and passes it to the class. This class creates socket and sends object through it when when such necessity arises
Doesn't work as ServerSocket cannot be instantiated (constructor throws exception)
Please let me know if better approach exists or if my approaches are correct or not
Thank you
17 years ago
Thanks a lot, Damien. Thats great place for testing out and so on. I definetely will use it.
But also I need something more advanced, which won't be free I presume. Service that at least allows to have dedicayted web application (or several) for my own use. Does anybody knows such hosting solutions? Thanks in advance
17 years ago
Does anybody knows reliable and convenient subj with a good value. Thanks a lot.
17 years ago
Hi guys,
sorry I was away on holidays last 3 weeks. Had really good time
First of all, I am sorry to all of you who feel yourself offended by my topic. I did not mean to do that. I just shared my feelings and thoughts with you guys.
I am not overqualified web component developer - there are topics where I am very weak in, that's why when I go to _professional_ certification exam, I expect to get some realistic snapshot of my skills. To score 100% in topics where I got solid experience and 50-60-70% in all others. But I got 98% and that's dissapoints me. Does it mean - that's it, I don't need to study anymore? But I don't feel that way.
Overall, I think exam is a bit inadequate to its declared goals.
Maybe Sun should rename it to sound "Sun Certified Web Component Student"?
Kyle, thanks for support
18 years ago
Guys, thanks a lot for congratulations
I just think you miss the point a little bit.
OK, I agree I have some experience (not covering every exam topic), but as you see from my previous post I wasn't spending too much time on learning. Despite this I passed easily. After I got my score, I thought even my minimal learning efforts were way too much for passing this exam
I admit, the situation for guys who has no experience on web components is a bit different, exam for them is the method to force themselves into learning of new technologies. It is great, but what about guys who got some experience?
As my example shows, there is no point to study more. I don't know everything covered in exam, but my knowledges were sufficient for 98%, meaning that I could forget 1/3 of that I know and still pass the exam.
Honestly, I don't think I am very professional web component developer. I would grade myself as 60-70%. You can say it is just my opinion, but I am here basically to share it with you.
I think exam should be tougher, or passing score should be at least 80%, or certificate should include exam score. Otherwise almost everyone in short time could prepare for it and pass it.
Sun certificate (as it is now) will just prove that there is little difference (actually, no difference, as everybody has same certificate) between some student who spent 3-4 weeks reading books and real professional having real life experience
Thank you
18 years ago
I have working knowledge of servlets/jsps - about 1 year. Never worked with taglibs, security, some other topics.
Preparation included to buy JWeb+ and to take 3 or 4 exams. Results were 80-85%.
Also had read somebodys exam notes (i guess Mifta's) in total maybe for 5-6 hours, during commuting to work and from it.
This morning while commuting to test center, had read print outs with Ken Zrobok exam notes ans some moments from servlet certification... Not much preparations as you see. However, it was enough to spend just 30 min for test (including revision of all questions two times) and get 98%. I was a bit shocked. Whom they develped this exam for? For complete idiots? Do you know anybody who failed it? I think such easy exams just devalue whole idea of professional certifications. What do you think, guys?
18 years ago
Thanks a lot Martin,
Problem seems to be somewhere deeper. Sorry I forgot to tell that we had Tomcat 3.2 running on Linux with JDK1.3 and same version of poolman.xml
It worked just fine, but after transition to new Tomcat & JDK stopped to work. Says that cannot find poolman.xml, although it is virtually everywhere.
18 years ago
Poolman cannot find its configuration file poolman.xml, although I copied it everywhere - common/classes, bin, webapps/WEB-INF/classes and so on That occurs only when tomcat is running on the Linux. Under Win2k it seems to be finding it without any problem.
Tomcat 4.0.4
Poolman 2.1
How to sort it out?
18 years ago
Whilst running my web application on Tomcat I often get such error message (on server console). And when it is started it is repeating many times (100-1000).
2002-01-16 01:34:08 - Ctx( /mpv2g ): IllegalStateException in: R( /mpv2g + /login.jsp + null) Current state = FLUSHED, new state
What is it and how to prevent it?
18 years ago
Congratulations and good luck with the further certifications.
19 years ago