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An EJB can be a client to another EJB. For Ex: EJB_A invokes a business method on EJB_B then EJB_A is a client of EJB_B. If EJB_A is associated with a transaction then EJB_B shares the same transaction context if EJB_B has "Required" transaction attribute set. EJB_B cannot use the traansaction of EJB_A when EJB_B's transaction attribute is "RequiresNew" or "NotSupported"

Joe Harry wrote:And welcome to the Ranch!

Thanks Harry..
8 years ago
Cleared SCBCD exam with the score 80%.
I studied Oreilly Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (By Bill Burke) thrice in a month's time.
I havent worked on any mock/ sample tests.

Questions covered all the exam objectives. There were no syntax related questions and no drag & drop questions.

Few questions are like they provide you a kind of real day to day application deployment/ development problems and ask you a best possible solution.
Like, a course and department problem and asking you to find out how you provide annotation meta data to define many to many bidirectional relationship.

Few questions ask about who does what? What deployer does, system administrator does etc? Who configures roles?
Few questions are like direct questions such as what are the annotations can be applied at class level, method level and field level from the below
@EJB, @Init, @Resource, @PostConstruct, @PersistenceContext

Few questions test whether you know the entries in deployment descriptor overrides the annotations by showing you both bean class with annotation meta data and ejb-jar.xml entries.

Few questions tested whether you are able to identify equivalent deployment descriptor entries for the given annotation meta data

Five to six questions on Application Exceptions and System Exception behavior on Transactions
(When you get TransactionRolledBackException and when you get EJBException. Oreilly book provides good insights in these areas)

One question on interceptors.

3 to 4 questions on EJB QL. Tested on Joins, named parameters

Two questions on inheritance strategies. You should know how you define annotation meta data for each inheritance strategy.

I see most of the questions are testing you on annotations and less on deployment descriptor entries.

Few questions on entity manager association with transaction during JTA and Resource Local

ONe question on How you define bean managed transaction On message driven bean

One question on Timers ..

three to four questions on entity call backs and listners.

Test is well designed to cover all exam objectives and you need to have deep understanding of all the concepts mentioned in objectives. I suggest you to learn the concepts deeper and practice them. If you think of just mocks and planning to clear the exam then you will not have an opportunity to enjoy the learning of great specification.. Hope this is helpful. Post if you have any questions...!! All the best.
8 years ago