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YekSoon Lok

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Recent posts by YekSoon Lok

I installed jre1.4 and update the java plugin accordingly for mozilla.
when I go to roundup, the applet will load but
it can't accept my choice.
I click on the selections and it sort of reset,
thus preventing me from advancing from question 1.
18 years ago
the answer posted by JavaRanch is:
You can declare or initialize more than one variable in a for loop, but you can't mix declaration with initialiazation.

any idea what it means?
18 years ago
this is actually from JavaRanch ...
is this legal?
int i;
for(i=4, int t=6; i<0; i++)
18 years ago
I am preparing for my SCJP and I just make a small observation
for "what makes a legal identifier?"
if you have previous experience in C++ and some form of Unix scripting (like Perl), you will know that
1. in C++, identifiers can start with "_" , the underscore
2. in Perl, identifiers start with "$", dollar sign.
and of course, most of you knows that identifiers can start with
a character.
Now, combine the 3 and u have a guideline for "what makes a legal identifier" or "what is a legal declaration?"
1. can start with characters
2. can start with underscore
3. can start with dollar sign
anything outside of this will not be correct?
is this observation right?