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Recent posts by Ekaterina Galkina

Will 1Z0-898 (JPA) be replaced by a new one? Maybe it's already there?
And what's the reason? Could you provide a link?

Joseph Mokenela wrote:As Stephan has suggested, you can have a service layer module and your application can use that as a dependency. You can use clustering on the application server for routing requests when the other servers are down.

Do you mean something like this https://docs.oracle.com/cd/A97329_03/core.902/a92171/cluster.htm (About Oracle9iAS Clustering)?
2 years ago
The whole task is the following:

A database and a webapp  are on the first server.
The second application is on he second server and may be started on the 3th server, 4th server, etc (as meny as needed). It monitors sites on schedule and produces images, this job requers a lot of CPU, RAM and disk space. The schedule is stored in the database.
If one of the servers is down the scheduled job must be redirected to a server which is alive.
The result of the job must be recorded to the database, including the case when something went wrong.
If something goes wrong admin should be notified.

I'm not sure if it's enough information to make a desicion about architecture, but I'm reading about JMS, chron,  spring quartz. There are a log of questions for me here. For example, why to use activemq (if to use it): if server with activemq broker is down then messages are lost anyway, right? Then why?
Or can application be restarted automatically after server reboot without chron?
2 years ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:Why not make a module out of your service layer and declare a dependency on it?

I doubted because they are beans which are instantiated inside ApplicationContext. Is it possible to separate them and instantiate also in the ApplicationContext of the second app? It seems yes...

2 years ago
So the second app may be rest consumer.
But also I've heard about HttpInvoker...May be it's better?
2 years ago
Forget to tell: spring web app exposes rest services. May be to use them somehow?
2 years ago
I have spring boot web app and now going to develop another app which uses the same database and is going to perform some scheduled tasks. May be I'm be using spring boot (@scheduled), may be not. The problem is not to duplicate classes for work with the database. Is it possible to share dao and services layers and what's the best practice to implement this?
2 years ago
Does mean that all the beans outside AppConfiguration are not loaded for tests? That is beans defined with @Controller, @Service, @Component, @Repository annotations are not loaded.

2 years ago
Does @ContextConfiguration without parameters load  by default all the classes annotated as beans (@Components, @Services, @Controllers, etc)?

Does @ContextConfiguration(classes = {AppConfiguration.class})  load only beans, annotated as @Beans inside  AppConfiguration class?

2 years ago


But anyway, isn't the angular.min.js file the required script?
May be it's not the right topic, but I've looked at Angular and haven't got the magic:
Here is index.html

As I understand, angular html page should include https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/angularjs/1.6.4/angular.min.js But there is no such file included! And there are no other generated from TypeScript JS-files. Althougth everything works. How?
Thank you

Ron McLeod wrote:
    401 Not Authorized - requestor not authorized (usually triggers client-side to provide credentials or answer to a challenge)

And what's the reason why Google returns 200 if requester not authorized - API key not provided
2 years ago
BTW, is it POSSIBLE to include message body into 4XX response and doesn't it violate any rules? I have this question because I've never seen any content in browsers if a page can't be loaded because of 4XX error.
2 years ago
May be it's correct to include error status into header, but Google Maps RESTful API returns 200 and includes error into json body.

For example, https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/place/nearbysearch/json?location=-33.8670,151.1957&radius=500&types=food&name=cruise&key=YOUR_API_KEY

2 years ago