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Recent posts by Marlo Magpantay

It will try to map the request to a servlet mapping first then welcome files.

I passed the exam with the score of 88%! Finally, after these 3 months of preparation, hard work and sacrifices. Basically, my daily routine was, wake up at 9am -> eat breakfast then study until 12pm -> go to office -> go home at 10:30pm -> study again until 12 or 1am. It was so tiring. I felt exhausted with all these preparations and stuffs. But it all paid off when I finally saw the result of my exam.

- Read HFSJ second edition thoroughly. Listed the pages that I needed to concentrate on.
- Read the book for the second time but this time only the pages that I listed.
- Answered mock exam of the book.
- Created study notes and listed all the topics that I need to review and memorize.
- Bought Enthuware's JWeb+ V5 For SCWCD 5. Answered mock exam one by one and studied all my wrong answers.
- Did some coding regarding EL and custom tags.
- Studied Rancher Notes (thank you very much ranchers for these links):
> Ashok SCWCD full web.xml
> Peabody On Scwcd Patterns
> ScwcdHints by Jothi Shankar Kumar (read everyday on the last week)

I want to thank God first of all for this achievement. To my family, to my wife for understanding that I needed to sacrifice time for them. To Kathy, Bryan and Bert for the wonderful book. To all the ranchers for answering all of my questions.

So what's next? SCEA.. Probably 10 years from now..

Enough of this! I'll take some rest, make some noise and I'll get this party jumpin'! Cheers!
9 years ago

Where can I download the new oracle logo for Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Web Component Developer? Thanks!
Hi Gaurav,

You could try loggin in to I think it's different from the one you were trying to log in to.
Thanks Frits! I forgot to mention that the question said the tag handler code prints the body. So in that case, the correct answer is "<%=3*4%>".
But in the exam, is the correct answer really "<%=3*4%>"?

What would be the output if the body-content of the tld is tagdependent, then the body of the tag has expression?

<my:Classic name="Chris Marlo Magpantay">

The correct answer in the enthuware mock exam is "<%=3*4%>". But when I tried it my sample app, it outputed nothing or blank. Can somebody please explain this? Thanks!

I just like to confirm 2 items in HFSJ 2nd edition mock exam. Thanks in advance for your comments.

#26 - Answers in the book are B and D. Are they really the correct answers? But the comments in the book say otherwise.
01. <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>
03. <%
04. java.util.List books = new java.util.ArrayList();
05. // add line here
06. request.setAttribute("myFavoriteBooks", books);
07. %>
09. <c:choose>
10. <c:when test="${not empty myFavoriteBooks}">
11. My favorite books are:
12. <c:forEach var="book" items="${myFavoriteBooks}">
13. <br/> * ${book}
14. </c:forEach>
15. </c:when>
16. <c: otherwise>
17. I have not selected any favorite books.
18. </c: otherwise>
19. </c:choose>

Which of the following lines of code, if inserted independently at Line 5, will cause the text within the c: otherwise tag to display? (Choose all that apply)
A. books.add("");
B. books.add(null); -Answer in the book
C. books.clear();
D. books.add("Head First"); -Answer in the book
E. books = null;

-Options A, B, and D all add something to the books List, making it NOT empty.
-Option C empties out the already empty List.
-Option E: Making the List reference a null value satisfies the empty operator.

#49 - Answer in the book is C, which I don't agree.
1. <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>
2. <%@ taglib prefix="tables" uri="" %>
3. <%@ taglib prefix="jsp" tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags" %>
4. <%@ taglib uri="UtilityFunctions" prefix="util" %>

What about the above taglib directives would cause the JSP to not function?
A. Line 4 is wrong because the prefix attribute must come before the
uri attribute.
B. Line 3 is wrong because there is no uri attribute.
C. Line 4 is wrong because the uri value must begin with http:// -Answer in the book
D. Line 3 is wrong because the prefix jsp is reserved for standard actions.

-Option A: attributes can be in any order.
-Option B: when using Tag Files, tagdir is used instead of uri.
-Option C: a URI simply must match how the TLD is identified by the container.
-Option D: the jsp prefix is reserved for standard actions.

I checked the exam price at prometric and it only costs $125. Then I tried searching for vouchers and most of them cost at around $250. My question is, why do we bother to buy for vouchers at a higher price if we can directly pay at prometric for a cheaper cost? Is there any advantage on buying a voucher? Thanks!
Hi, I'm currently reading this book and reviewing for SCWCD exam. I find this book very interesting and enjoyable to read. Thanks again Kathy and Bert!
10 years ago