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Recent posts by yogendra mishra

Guys does anyone has worked in JUDDI,so that i can put up my question in this forum.
13 years ago
Guys I am new to java web servcies.I had Installed Apache tomcat and configured Apache axis.When I open http://localhost:8080/axis/happyaxis.jsp in my web browser everything seems to be fine.And I can even see the list of deployed services and their corresponding WSDL document.

But when i go to the link of web service specified in WSDL document I see the following :



And the link is somewhat like
But in my Apache axis 1.4 there is no such services folder???

Guys I am really struck in this problem please help me in eradicating this problem i.e what should i do next.
13 years ago
Guys could you please tell me which Mysql connector/J should be used with Tomcat 5.5.31 and MySQL Server 5.1 and Jdk 1.6.I have Downloaded mysql-connector-java-5.1.14 would it work with above versions of Mysql and java.
13 years ago
Guys i want to use the Jpcap tool for measuring certain times such as round trip time etc.I am unable to determine how to determine this time accurately.I had already seen all the sample codes present at its download site.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
13 years ago

William Brogden wrote:Well, which is it?

1. a tool for examining the response of a SOAP service to ensure it is doing what is is supposed to - ie SOAPui or TCPMON



how i by myself would going to do all the work that this tool does.


Actually i want to implement the service mocking facility of the soapui software.I want to determine the service parameters automatically to call the service.
13 years ago
How we can automatically determine the parameters of a web service.I have seen many websites which say we can do this by WSDL document and this is true also.But my question is how can i determine or a code that automatically interacts with a web service would determine the parameters to be passed.Please suggest how to do this in Java.

13 years ago

Wouter Oet wrote:You can look at soapui.

// Edit typo

Thank you very much.But as it is an open source can i get the source code of the same.My question is how i by myself would going to do all the work that this tool does.
13 years ago
Does anybody can suggest a Concept to measure the accuracy of a web service.By accuracy i mean the service correctly performs its intended tasks.Is there any tool in java.
13 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:Please EaseUp, UseAMeaningfulSubjectLine and don't use bold font for an entire post.

Thanks for your invaluable suggestion.It would have been better if you would have posted a solution to my query.
If keeping the forum posts according to certain rules is as important then the main concept of having a forum for solving the user query would get deteriorated.What is more important is that users get their queries solved.

And as far as title name is considered it is valid as per my requirements.
13 years ago
Guys i am in deep trouble at present.I am newbie in web services and things are not getting clear in web services.I have one doubt and it is my request that all the virtuoso present in this forum post their valuable comments.

1.To access a web service present in the Internet in our application what tools are required.I heard that we can do this in ASP.NET,is it true or not.
for example if i have created an application for calculating factorial and suppose i do not want to perform multiplication in my application but want to use a calculator web service that provides multiplication as one of the functions then what i would need to do. And first of all is it possible or not.The main thing is that i want to use these calculator application inside my code of factorial calculation not as a GUI available on a web page.
please post your replies maestros.

2.Also in order to access a particular web service which is present over the internet is it that i require only wsdl file and it would start running when this file is given as an input to any IDE(e.g ECLIPSE) or i by myself would require to parse this wsdl file to determine the parameters for invoking services.
13 years ago

Lester Burnham wrote:A background task that performs periodic HTTP requests to the server or service in question?

Sir please could you tell how to do this in Java.A small code or tutorial would be appreciated.
Nowadays there are various softwares that are coming to do above but my task is to do that by myself.
13 years ago
Guys this is my first post on this forum and expecting a solution for my query.

I am a neophyte in Web services.I just want to know is there any mechanism available through which we can measure availability of a particular web site.please friends i urgently need to find a solution for this so please post your suggestions.
13 years ago