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Recent posts by karim amrani

hi Divya Kotamraju:

just by curiosity ! why would pass the SCJP if you are a complete beginner to programming !

that's said .. if you wish just the SCJP and that's all .. it may take you 6 months or so .. doing it the Hard way
but if you want to have STONG basis , you MUST pass by C first and then move to OOP like java.. believe me ..if you learn C you can learn anything in the bytes world
because i dont know how to determines wich type of error it will raise the MethodNotFoundException comes in my head and thought it's probably this .... that's why i asked you about A FIRM RULE to know if an error will be catched by the complier or while excution ..
thanks for the code-tag tip and Sorry for my english
hi :
can you please tell me the rule to know wheather an upcast or a downcast will produce a compile error OR a runtime error , for exemple :

i tought the it will produce "howl woof followed by an exception " BUT it produce a compile error at line 15 ..???
Hey Every one :
i'm new to this forum , i've been consulting it since i began my preparation for the SCJP (that's 10 days )... and all i can say is THANk YOU !
as i said i m preparing the SCJP exam for 10 days now (i used java for 5 months ) .
well , today i purchased a Voucher with the Double retake promotion (i live in Morocco) from a company with the label "Oracle Approved educatuion center" (cost 300 $ + taxes )
they gave me a piece of paper that contains the voucher code and EXPIRATION DATE = january 31 , 2011.
i want to seat for the exam in december's first week . and in case i fail ... i'll reseat in the end of january.
what i want to know is this :
* how can i verify that the voucher is valid and have a double retake option BEFORE i schedule the date in prometric center ?
* in case its necessary to schedule to verify ... Can i shedule a date just to verify in than Reschedule for the real Date ??
* how much can i reschedule the date ...??

the problem here is .. i dont trust those companies ... but in the other hand .. it's a double retake wich i can't in other place

can you please calarify to me those questions ?? THankS
by the way : Kathy Siera ,i will say the best sentence Robert de niro has ever said "YOU .... YOU GOOD YOU"