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Recent posts by Stephan van Hulst

Does that mean you've found something that works for you?
18 hours ago
Welcome to CodeRanch!

I believe Spring has a module for interacting with social media. Search their site for Spring Social.
18 hours ago
It's not a moot point, because knowing the reasons why will help find the correct solution.

Why do you think that using maps is not the correct solution? That's the first thing I would consider when I want to store variables in memory.
1 day ago
Welcome to CodeRanch.

It's as easy as calling Arrays.sort(myArray).

It will sort an array according to the natural order of its elements, which for strings is alphanumerically.
1 day ago
Emphasis 'prospective'. A job that I have may be more important than a partner I have not.

Incidentally, I will be giving up the job I do now to go and live with my girlfriend in Germany in a couple of months. The choice was easily made, but I'm still gonna miss it.
1 day ago
ICY is based on HTTP I believe.

The problem here is that OP is using s as an output parameter, which Java doesn't do.

You must supply the name of the header that you want to get the value of, which is returned by the method.
2 days ago
There's no real difference. The results of evaluating a lambda expression is an object of an anonymous type that implements the interface.

Whether you create an implementation of a functional interface through a lambda expression, an anonymous class instantiation or a normal class instantiation... it's all the same.
Not if I care more about the job than the prospective partner.
2 days ago
'Key' and 'button' are synonyms, when referring to those on a keyboard.

The first sentence of the computer keyboard Wikipedia article has an anchor reading 'keys' that links to an article for push-button.
2 days ago
I don't really understand what you're trying to show. Any problems you're getting are because you're mixing arrays and collections, which is usually a bad idea. The compiler will even warn you about raw types.

Eliminate all warnings and there are no problems.

Jan de Boer wrote:But the biggest goof I ever made.. That probably was getting involved with a female coworker during a company outing. So much the management complained to me. She didn't, but it still got me into trouble. I will never do that again.

Many years ago I was interested in a former coworker of mine, and I was pretty sure she was into me as well. I never made a move on the grounds that we were working together. Some time later, she got involved with another colleague, and that led to some drama, so I was really glad I didn't get mixed up in that.

I think that relationships in the workplace can work, but I must be a 100% certain me and my prospective partner can completely separate work and private affairs before I start one.
2 days ago
Sure, but most of the time you don't need a specialized collection. You would call toCollection() if you absolutely need your collection to have some sort of property, such as being based on a hash table or a red-black tree, supporting random access, or other.
After you've called connection.connect(), you can call connection.getHeaderField(String) to get the value of a named response header. Check for the existence of a header that's used by ICY.
2 days ago
Can you show us what you've tried so far? We can help you with your assignments, but we don't do them for you.
2 days ago
Maybe you can also tell us more about the reason you do this. Understanding use cases contributes to speedy development, or even an alternative that is better suited.
2 days ago