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GalaxE.Solutions®, Inc. (GalaxE), is an industry leader in designing and deploying business processes and supporting systems that enable clients to transact and share information across internal networks and the Internet, targeting business results, competitiveness and efficiency. With state-of-the-art delivery centers in Detroit, MI, Somerset, NJ, Bangalore, India, GalaxE leverages its expertise in professional technology, staffing and managed services to deliver quality solutions for the most demanding business and user requirements.
Project Description:

Position Title: SOA Architects AND Senior Developers (multiple openings for each)

Work Location: Downtown Detroit, Mi OR Somerset NJ

Duration: Multi-year project

Pay rate: GalaxE.Solutions will pay very attractive rates or salaries for qualified candidates


• Ability to develop complex services in a fast paced environment

Required Skills:
• At least 7 years of hands on development with Java and related technologies
 Strong skills in Core Java, SOA, JEE, Spring, Hibernate, Middle-tier technologies, ESB, Message Broker, Eclipse, XML, Servlets/JSP, MVC architecture, JDBC, Linux.
 Good development experience with XML, XML Schema, DOM, SAX, Xpath, XQuery, XSL XSLT, JMS
 Strong understanding of software design concepts, patterns and best-practices.
 Strong ability to define Domain Models, Service Models, Service Contracts and Modeling coarse grained (orchestrated) and fine-grained Services
 Experience with DBMS: DB2/Oracle
• IBM SOA Product experience a must (Experience in executing SOA projects – Minimum 1 full cycle project lasting over 6 months)
 IBM SOA products (Websphere Process Server, Websphere Message Broker)
 IBM SOA Design and Development tools (Websphere Integration Developer, Rational Software Architect, Websphere Business Modeler, Websphere Message Broker Toolkit, Rational Application Developer)
 Open source SOA products (Apache ServiceMix, Progress Fuse suite etc)

Please send resumes to
10 years ago