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Recent posts by Han Jie

hi guys.

the environment like below:
eclipse galileo

file encoding is UTF-8 Unified

the eclipse Console like below:
����װ������� org.nana.util ��Դ�ļ�...
���ڹ��� Javadoc ��Ϣ...
��׼ Doclet �汾 1.6.0_22
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\org/nana/util/\TextFileCopyUtils.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\org/nana/util/\package-frame.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\org/nana/util/\package-summary.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\org/nana/util/\package-tree.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\constant-values.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\org/nana/util/\class-use\TextFileCopyUtils.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\org/nana/util/\package-use.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\overview-tree.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\index-files\index-1.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\index-files\index-2.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\index-files\index-3.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\deprecated-list.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\allclasses-frame.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\allclasses-noframe.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\index.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\help-doc.html...
������� D:\workspace\javaseiofilecopy_v4\doc\stylesheet.css...

though like above, the javadocs generated are ok, as it to say the chinese words are no problem. results like below:

static void copyFile( srcFile, destFile, boolean flag)

i am confused for above......

i have travelled on google and others for all one day and tried to sovle it for many times, but i don't know why and can't sovle it by myself.
waiting for anyone to give me some tips.

thanks in advance.

8 years ago
Hi everyone, I am a newer in learning Flex and I meet a issue now.

the environments are below

windows XP
eclipse 3.5

the codes are below



When I deploy it to tomcat and input url(http://loccalhost:8080/flex/index.html),the components containing the TextInput and Button are diplaying well.

Then I input a String "tom" here in the TextInput and click the Button "click me", the frame "Remote Object Error" defined in index.mxml appears and the line "System.out.println(name);" in class TestService doesn't run.

It stands I call the method "sayHello" in TestService through Remote Object based on LCDS here unsuccessfully. But I don't realize that where I am wrong.

Can anyone give me some advices on why?

Thanks in advances!

8 years ago
hi Greg

Thank you so much for your suggesstions which I have followed.

The file system on my desktop pc on which my application demo was is FAT32 indeed as you said. And I have moved the application demo to my portable computer on which windows XP is, and the file system is NTFS as you said above.I test it again,it works and no above problems in my post here.100,000 records are all ok.They all generate to their proper html pages.

The capacity size of the 100,000 generated html pages now is 400M totally, but the capacity size is 3G almost before. I don't know whether it is related to the file system type? I don't know why, but the result is what I want really.The other suggessions are useful for me too.

Thank you for your help again finally.


8 years ago
hi everyone

I make a demo to generate static page(html) here using freemarker and use NewsDB to simulate database.

The question is below

In this line : private final static int total = 100000; the value 1,000 is ok, the value 10,000 is ok too. But if the 100,000, the pages after 22,178(22178.html) is not gererated here. I try many times and it also appears when 22,178(the index of the page)page will generate.

And the exception here is below: D:\Tomcat6026\webapps\freemarkerdemo\news\news_22178.html (无法创建目录或文件。) it means that failed to create directory or file
at Method)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at com.nana.util.FTL2HTMLUtil.createHTML(
at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
at Source)
D:\Tomcat6026\webapps\freemarkerdemo\news\news_22179.html D:\Tomcat6026\webapps\freemarkerdemo\news\news_22179.html (无法创建目录或文件。)
at Method)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at com.nana.util.FTL2HTMLUtil.createHTML(
at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
at Source)

The question make me in trouble for one day.
And the most important is that now I have no idea to sovle it. Why the pageindex(from 1 to 22,177) is ok here, but after 22,177 the problem happens?

The directory (news) is generated here indeed, because I found it in WebRoot in my app demo here.

If there are problems in my codes, the value 1,000 or 10,000(in this line : private final static int total = 100000;) have no problems. Why?

Can anyone give my some advices?

Thanks in advances!


The codes are below:

8 years ago
Hi Raghu.

Can you describe more details about the tag you use in the html page?Maybe it is helpful for others solving your problem.
Hi paddy.

That's right and of course it would prompt you that whether you are willing to download the PDF or not.

Isn't the above suggestion what you want?

What is your purpose here? Maybe you can describe your requirements again more clearly.


It will satisfy you to use "application/octet-stream" as the content-type and "Content-Disposition" as the header.

Of course, you also need to spesify the filename which will be downloaded.

You may try above.
A great place to learn how to use jquery.
click here

Hi Lek

Why would like you using filearray.length instead of filearray.length-1 with the second one?
8 years ago
Hi Jaqdeep

Inner div misses content.

Is it what you want?

David Newton wrote:
Because there's only one instance of the JSP created, and it's shared across all requests.

As david said above, Servlet has the features which are singleton and multi-thread the same as JSP.

This means that there is one and only one instance of it in your own app and all requests access the same one.
8 years ago
Hi Leandro.

It may dispel your above 2 doubts after you finding the Servlet source file generated from JSP.

In addition, the scriptlets and javacodes in JSP are already deprecated.

You can use new technologies instead of them completely now.
8 years ago

Amer Sohail wrote:
I have no idea of where do i save these 2 files.

hi amer

What do you mean by the above sentence?
8 years ago
hi Fred

Maybe you can remove your windows service of tomcat6 and re-register it.

And i want to ask you that other file tpes can be deployed in webapps and it is unzipped except *.war?
8 years ago

Ravi Kiran Pattu wrote:At Bear :

This code will only work when the browser is being run on the server.

What does the above mean exactly ?? How can a browser run on the server ??

Waiting for your reply . Thanks .

hi Ravi

In my opinion, it means that if the browser and server are not on one machine together, the server only get and process the file you need through it's own filesystem.

But actually, there is not the file you required on the server but only on the browser.

So in this situation, the codes in "display.jsp" work wrong absolutely.

The understanding of mine is all above and what's yours?
8 years ago