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venkatPrasad Regula

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Recent posts by venkatPrasad Regula

In the first line of pojo class it has the line private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;. I removed that line too still it is throwing errors.
I have a stock pojo. I need to insert it. I wrote a hibernateUtil file and main App file. Stock has stockId, StockCode and StockName. Initially it was throwing an exception stock id should be thrown manually.

As I entered manually, it is showing a fourth column Unknown column 'SERIALVERSIONUID' in 'field list'.



This is the code I have changed
7 years ago
I am getting the following as output
7 years ago
It is displaying the following

7 years ago
I placed the sop statement outside the loop as below

I am getting the display as below
7 years ago
"Hi guys how are you doing. As a matter of. of fact this is true. "
This is what I am getting as I placed it in quote it removed all the empty spaces. More over the second para is not being displayed.
"I have a doubt over this. Is it fine?"
7 years ago
If I apply , I am getting the output as

Hi guys how are you doing. As a matter of. of fact this is true.

. Could you please look onto it.
7 years ago
I am parsing a file using dom parser. I have an element <content> which contains two paragraphs of data. I have assigned this to a string. As there is space between two paragraphs I tried to remove the empty spaces using string.trim(). It is not working. Can someone help me how to comeout of this and remove the empty spaces between two paragraphs.

7 years ago
Just give me some time (half day) I will resolve it and paste the psudocode. The psudocode that has been posted was really helpful. Thanks in advance.
7 years ago
I have an issue. I need to read a file and display the occurence of top ten words in the file and how many times each word has occured. At the same time there is a list of reserved words, which are not to be counted. So if I come across this reserved word I need to skip. Can someone give me the psudocode I need to follow to acomplish this task.
7 years ago
The issue got resolved as I placed an higher version of mysql jar file

I started the server too
Server info displayed is


MySQL 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.6
If I try the example given on RoseIndia website it is working. I am really not able to identify what the fault is.
Hibernate Mapping File

Hibernate Cfg file