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Swati Goel
13 years ago
I am getting stuck in AIDL file.

In my application I have to inform service that contact database is changed which I have done in activity using content observer.

Which function I should define in AIDL file and implement in service.

if anybody knows then please tell me.
13 years ago
Thanks for your reply..

I have solved this problem...
I am not using DB....I am using contact database which is in ContactsContract

13 years ago
@ Hardik

I think you should use relative layout in xml file in which you are creating list rows.
13 years ago
Hello All..

I am using custom adapter which extends simple cursor adapter in which I am overriding newvview and bindview operations.

In this I am getting from cursor from onCreate();

Initially I have 4 contacts in my DB so cursor count is 4.

But I have deleted one contact but cursor count is still 4. and my application is displaying duplicate copy of one contact at cursor position 4.

please tell me how can I manage cursor after deleting an contact from DB.

contacts details are stored in DB in table Data1.

but in Raw Contact Table, we can see one column named isDeleted. If any contact is deleted then isDeleted column contains 1 otherwise.

I think i can use it.

but I am not getting how to use it to manage cursor.

Waiting for Reply

13 years ago
I hv to extract data from data table. that's y i m using URI of data table.

my data table consists of...

Mimetype_id Raw_Contact_id Data1
6 1 Name
6 2 Name
6 3 Name
6 4 Name
5 4 Ph. Number
5 3 Ph. Number
5 2 Ph. Number
5 1 Ph. Number

Now I have to find out the cursor.

And display the details in list view as following....

Ph. Number
Ph. Number

and so on...

In list view, each row consists of 2 text views.
first text view should contains the name of the person and the 2nd text view should contains the phone number of that person.

Waiting for reply........
13 years ago
I have to get distinct raw contact id using content resolver.

Cursor cursor = getContentResolver().query(Data.CONTENT_URI, null, null, null, null);

in this query, 3rd parameter is selection. by passing null we will get all rows.

but i want rows with unique raw contact id.

what should i pass in selection.

Waiting for reply.

13 years ago
I have two array Name and Number

Elements of these are from ContactContract.Data.

I have to display these elements in listview.

for this I will hv to bind these arrays.

But I m not getting how to bind these two arrays.
13 years ago
I have to display contacts in two_line_list_item.

for getting contacts details, I am using Data table.

To find cursor i m using getContentResolver() and writing a query as

Cursor cursor = getContentResolver().query(Data.CONTENT_URI, null, Data.MIMETYPE + " = 6 " , null, null);

int ct = cursor.getCount();
Log.d("Cursor","cursor count is "+ct);

but its retruning cursor as null
13 years ago