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Yup, and if you look closely at chapter 9 in Sheil's book, it appears that most of the diagrams were drawn in Visio and using the very downloadable stencils above.

Also, this is exactly what I used for my submission (including the "----------" trick to simulate compartments in the class classifier), and I've passed from the first try!

Free additional tip (to help with passing from the first try): I love Tomasz Romanowski! Or what he had to say, rather.
If you can, use MS Visio 2003+.

There are UML stencils freely available for download. They work in all versions of Visio (Basic, Pro and Deluxe) <-- or whatever the actual MS names are.

In Visio Pro and up you also have the Microsoft stencils available.

I didn't find those of much use, except for the class classifier which has all three compartments, as opposed to one compartment in the downloadable stencils.

You can work around the one compartment limitation though by inserting "--------------" between the lines.
If you took part 1 before September 1st, it might simply be that the part 3 now shows up in the Oracle section on credentials website, and in fact it was uploaded.
You can ask Prometric if they uploaded your part 3 to the Sun database. Call the very center you have been to. Hopefully you kept the sealed piece of paper that they gave you at the end, saying you failed with 0%

If you do nothing, the letter from Oracle coordinator might not say "we've forwarded your assignment+exam ...", but rather: "we could not find your exam!" Most likely you will receive the email from Oracle this Sunday. Not sure why the coordinator works on Sundays, (part time job?) but that is the way it is.

3 business days after Prometric uploads your part 3, somebody updates the Sun cert database, and you can see it on the internet.
Usually prometric uploads your exam at the end of the business day when you took it.

However, the Oracle Coordinator will wait for 5-6 business days after you email them the assignment, before he looks up your prometric test in their database.
Then he emails you a notice that assignment + prometric test has been forwarded to a grader; takes 4-6 weeks etc etc.

This is the happy scenario.

Rajiv Shr wrote:Here is what I did for Part 1

For Part 2, Cade's book gives a very clear picture of what is expected. I didnt study anything else for Part 2, as I have some realworld experience designing applications at work.

For Part 3, there is no studying required. If you completed part 2 on your own, then you already know the rationale for your decisions. Search this forum on what kind of questions to expect for part 3. There was some good post about it in the past.

Yeah, when you take part 3, you might be tempted to justify most of the decisions with "because this is how it was in Cade's book. I really don't like JSF, JPA sucks, component diagram is a joke; 40 points for that? are you joking me? and only 16 for the sequence diagrams?".

While that represents a refreshing bit of honesty , don't do that. Come up with some well researched verbiage and let them have it for maximum points.
Congratulations, Rajiv!
Based on all I read in here, the secret to a good score for class diagram is to respect the domain model religiously, regardless whether it makes sense to you or not. Did you do that? Pointing out the direction is a far lesser concern.
Before the Oracle acquisition of Sun, those successfully completing the Architect Exams/Assignment would add "SCEA" to their names.

What would the acronym be nowadays? OCMJEE5EA? <--ridiculously long OCMJEA? <--still hard to remember
Congratulations Anurag!

So what initials you can put behind your name now?
One more question, please: Before the acquisition, one would put "SCEA" besides his/her name after certifying. What would be the acronym now, "OCEA"?
9 years ago
Congratulations Mika!

How long it took them to grade you, once you sent the email?

9 years ago