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Guillermo Sanchez

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since Oct 08, 2010
Mexican, male, handsome, 25 years old Software Engineer.
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Recent posts by Guillermo Sanchez

Good day,

I am looking for websites like where they talk about emerging technologies, such as, Hibernate, Spring, etc. basically to keep up with what is going on with the software industry nowadays.

Thank you.

I post it in events, because I am looking for videos about conferences regarding emerging technologies, like "Agile vancouver".
9 years ago

Congratulations in your new book =)

My question is: What's the difference between FUSE and CAMEL? I am a little bit confuse about this.

Thank you =)

Ohhh , I thought you live in Toronto... yeah, I just took the certification in Pender St in Vancouver Downtown.
And regarding the book I went to all the Chapters I could find and all the little book stores too. I guess the only solution was ordered it via Amazon.
9 years ago
Thank you =).

One question, do you have a book about SCJP?
I tried to buy your SCJA book, but it was impossible to find it in Vancouver :.
9 years ago
Today I passed the SCJA with a 78%... I am really tired because I didn't sleep for practicing for the text. Next stop SCJP...
9 years ago
I am interesting in purchasing Cameron McKenzie's book, the problem is amazon will take forever, and I trying to see if there is a version online. and my test is hmm pretty soon actually. Is there an ebook and if there is where should I buy it?

Thank you very much, and nice to meet you all.
9 years ago