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Recent posts by Jasvir Rupana

Hi All ,
I have read through some android frameworks but i am not able to decide which one i should choose for my application , we are developing a module of an enterprise application which will be enhanced in future time to time.
Following frameworks i have read though :

1. Springs for android [DI]
2. MVC
3. MVVM ,Android binding
4. MVP
5. RoboGuice

Can some one please help me to choose one ?
11 years ago
Hello all,
I have created one shoutbox ,it does not auto update until user posts new comment.if i refresh /submit the for by javascript ,whole page is getting disturbed.it's an php & ajax based shout box.

what can i do to make it auto update or please suggest me some other good shoutboxes ,free or affordable one time cost.
I am planning to develop a website, i want it to be in Ajax to make it more fast. can some one suggest me what is actually GWT ? is it a front end technology only ? can i integrate this with any other server side projects or not?
12 years ago
Hi Guys,
I need to implement auto complete in flex .i tried " http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=extensionDetail&extid=1047291" this component but it needs static list to filter from .when we provider the list as dynamic data provider, list doesn't shows up on press of any letter key.

please help, its urgent
12 years ago
Hi all,
I did some small enhancement into existing big s/w product and i have been told to prepare document (after development). how can i prepare it and what it should be its contents ,

any help please .
we are working on huge project wit flex+java+hibernate. we use eclipse default builder to build the project ,which take hell lot of time and some time we see out of memroy error too.what can we do ?? and build script will help us or what else?Also even after changing a single label in mxml file we need to build the application again ? whats the alternative?
13 years ago
Actually in IE 8 my message text is getting splitted into 2 lines but i need it to be displayed in single line only. thats where the problem starts
can we increase the width of alert box anyhow ??

Javascript alert message are coming in different format (looks like disturbed) in IE 8 .In all other versions its working fine ,

how to resolve the issue with IE 8

I need to merge 2 huge struts-config.xml files using linux platform. is there any quick and efficient way to do that ? both files may have same tags too ?

13 years ago
hello everyone,
please some one clear my following doubt in concurrent transactions situation

1. 2 users open same database row to update ,say user 1 update a field RED and after a moment other user updates it to GREEN. user 1 changes will be lost .how to handle it in simple JDBC /hibernate .

i have read isolation levels dirty reads and all therotically but coldnot find some practical soultion.

i read that hibernatea appends some uid with each row to handle this but never saw this happening.

whats the solutions guys in jdbc and hibernate ??


1. we can not restrict some code from being executed at same time from different users (say in banking application withdrawal method)?
if we wish to do it we need to do at database level?

2. in case of servlet 2 users are being served with single instance and 2 threads , code will be executed by one user at a time ?

suggest me please.

Hello Ranchers,
I got some doubts on synchronization concept. whenever i red about synchronization they talk about threads that synchronization makes sure that only single thread will execute some block of code.
my doubt is if i have this synchronized method in web application

public synchronized void counter()
int var=0;

1.now 2 users (not threads) who are being served by 2 different instances of this class, send request to this method ,
so will synchronized method allow only 1 user at a time to access this this increment code?

any one please
Yes Paul i do agree and i don't have any plans to make tech site just for sake of information gathering about web earnings i asked because i knew people are friendly here and definitely will tell me the truth . thanks alot again for you guys replies even this is not a SEO forum.

I was interested in social networking site bcause i am tired of dirty politics in MNCs so wanted to have some own website to maintain and earn.
13 years ago
Ya so i am sure coderanch is not doing marketing right or Paul is not much interested to earn much from coderanch
13 years ago