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Recent posts by vipul bondugula

Welcome Doug Schmidt. Happy to have you here.
Welcome, Barry Burd. Looking forward for Java for Dummies book.
8 months ago
Welcome David mayer, to the java ranch forum.
Gotcha.! My Bad. I was using Java v8. As you said, type inference is more developed in java 8. I changed JAVA_HOME  to v7 and i am getting compiler error.
Thanks for your time.
10 months ago
I am going through type inference topic of generics in Java 7 oracle(sun) web site. In the web site they provided below example:

Java SE 7 supports limited type inference for generic instance creation; you can only use type inference if the parameterized type of the constructor is obvious from the context. For example, the following example does not compile:

I did not get any compiler or run time error after executing above program. Did they provide  wrong example?

10 months ago
Have you fixed this error ? If not, could you tell us what configuration you have done for web services.  i meant environment, jar files kind of.
11 months ago
You should design REST URI or API around resources not roles.
Ex: /rest/users should be accessible to any one with a role that allows them to see users.

Internally, you should implement role based security. That implementation depends on the application. Ex: database based or server based role security implementation.
11 months ago
Have you configured queues in EJB 3 . I worked on WAS extensively. If you have any query let me know. I am happy to help you.
Have you given a try of what I said. Please do the same and let me know if you have any doubts. Thanks.
1 year ago
You should write an EmployeeComparator<Employee> class which implements Comparator interface comparing city values. Then pass  EmployeeComparator object as one of the parameters to Collections.sort(employeeeList,new EmployeeComparator());. Let me know if this is n't working for you.
1 year ago
strip "/Service" from your Restful service. As you already provided "/Service" in your bootstrapping application. This post is one year back. But still just want to give information. Thanks.
1 year ago
Hi. I have a question on Exception and RuntimeException class. Checked exceptions are those that derive from Exception class. RuntimeException class is also derived from Exception class. Then how compiler distinguishes classes derived from RuntimeException as unchecked? I have checked both Exception and RuntimeException classes code. Both are similar. How compiler or JVM distinguishes in coding level.

2 years ago

Currently My application has ejb 2.0 and web 2.5. we want to use ejb 3.0 with ejb 2.0 module. I mean, we do not want to create a separate module for ejb 3.0. Already existing ejb 2.0 module we want to use. i hav written a sample application. When deployed ejb 3.0 is not recognizing. ejb 2.0 is working fine. Please tell me whether we can use ejb 3.0 in the ejb 2.0 module

I solved the problem by exporting profile. after exporting profile, file will be of .car format. right click on your server-->Export Profile Configuration. import .car file into your team members application server.

4 years ago