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Recent posts by Ravi Iyer

That's true, Xin. The certificate was mailed from within the country - the mailing itself happened only 2 days prior to 17th, for whatever reasons.
Anyways... Its here
9 years ago
Hi Chinedu - You could check with Oracle Education Services in your country

Finally...... Got my SCEA/OCMJEA certificate package from Oracle:

1) Nice newly minted "Certified Master" certificate
2) Letter from Oracle VP
3) Nice Gold colored business card with my name and OCMJEA credentials.

Nice feeling...

9 years ago
Sheil advises getting to actual hardware specs. I added actual example of what Load balancer could be used (Cisco), what database server (Solaris maybe), what database app (Oracle, DB2 if you are brave :-) )....
I believe the idea is that the candidate should know what kind of software/hardware is available today (I could be wrong - this is just "my understanding").

IMHO - if you are getting into that level of detail, 24 points may be worth

Hi Rahul - I did my SCEA in Sep/Oct. Now, the process involves getting the assignment in an email from Oracle, completing it and sending back the solution as an email attachment to Oracle.
Not sure if uploads still work - perhaps you could contact for clarification on how to proceed
Weird - I'd mailed to "" in Oct and got an acknowledgment from them on receipt of parts 2 and 3.
Try writing to the Oracle OCP team at

Folks - I did this in Oct 2010.
I submitted my assignment a day before I went and wrote part three.
BOTH parts 2 and 3 need to be completed for grading on that to begin.

1/2 a week later, I got an email saying Oracle has received both parts 2 and 3 and it has been sent for grading.

The result came on email about a month after I got this email.

I believe the process now is to follow submission of Part 2 with Part 3.


Thanks for sharing. First time I'm seeing an alternate perspective. Good to know there is one.
Again, I would go with Humphrey Sheil's example problem (Chapter 9). He has a fairly complex bidding example and uses less than 20 classes in the class diagram. My submission for Part II had about 25-30 classes.
Also, if your assignment says "Class Diagram" (not diagrams), I'm not sure if the assessor/examiner would expect multiple diagrams and/or go through all in so much detail.
My understanding is - point out the main classes and as Rupesh has mentioned, keep it simple.

JSF is simply a specification.
RichFaces, MyFaces, Mojarra are different implementations of this specification. They all follow the specs and provide you the implementation libraries - but some like RichFaces - provide additional modules/widgets which may not be portable.
9 years ago
I'd add "make lots of notes" - you can read up notes online that others have made (I can share mine if you like) but the process of writing them down yourself goes a long way in helping remember stuff. Keep going over the notes until you have them coming out of your pores
Go all out on mock exams - none that I took (incl Whizlabs) came anywhere close to the difficulty level of the real exam, but it does give one an idea on what to expect.

Best of luck

How long does it take for the SCEA Certificate to reach one? Is it sent from the US to all parts of the world or would it originate in the country where I took the exam (India in my case)?
Also, the "Congratulations" email talks about "Your certificate package is being processed for shipping....."
What exactly does the "Certificate Package" contain - just the certificate or anything else?

Its only 10 days since I got the "passed" email - getting a bit fidgety waiting for the physical copy of the certificate

Is there a specific reason you need two forms on the page?
Can't you have a single form and a corresponding bean instead and based on the data submitted, decide how to process the response in the corresponding server side method?
Multiple forms on a single page is usually not a very desirable design, unless you are doing that for a very specific reason.

9 years ago
@Ranganathan - I bought my Part II SCEA from RPSSoft (BLR) myself - I got my assignment on email in a week. The email says (I quote - mods, fairly general stuff here, nothing assignment specific)
"We are changing the process for this certification. Rather than download the assignment instructions and upload the assignment completions, we are simply sending it to you as an email attachment and you will send us back a JAR file."

So I'm surprised that prometric is still allowing downloads.. Maybe that's still on - on the RPS Soft thing, I spoke to Bonita who was very helpful - you could possibly check with her as well? (Direct: +91 80 40577782 ext 207, Mob no: 9901975716).

Hope this helps.