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Recent posts by Srini Admala

Congratulations on your perfect Score!!
Great job !
Thanks for all the mock tests. we can use them all.
Regarding question :
ID - AP010
You should use EJBs even if there is NO data to persist in your application but there are transactions. Answer is TRUE.
Unless we assume all other services offered by EJB container are required, I think the answer should be FALSE. Why use EJB's at all ? You can use JTA and a simple Web container to support transactions.
Hi Burk & Rahul,
Good Job !
Thanks a lot. Been busy with a lot of changes at my work.

Great Score !!

Congrats Satya
Keep up the good work !
We learned a lot from your postings.
Good luck, Sridhar

Yes, you are right. The test covers EJB1.1 and not EJB2.0. I'm using EJB by Monson-Haefel 2nd edition that covers EJB1.1.
I downloaded Ed Roman's latest book (EJB2.0) but haven't used that so far.
I haven't yet decided my target date.
Good luck to you too!
I'm using Tomcat 4.0.1 on windows 2000
Here's the code I used.

I tried satya's code and got the same IllegalStateException.
I thought about it for sometime as why the buffer is getting flushed.
Then I tried the following and it worked fine.

Can you please try it ?
I remember it works on weblogic. I shall try it tomorrow on Weblogic and let you know.
As you know JDBC abstracts the database access with a common interface for various RDBMS.
DAO is a pattern that abstracts data access mechanism when you have datasource in more than one form viz. RDBMS, OORDBMS, XML Respository, LDAP server etc.
Even in the case of a single datasource, you can use DAO's for data caching for data sets that do not change frequently to improve performance.
DAO's do not replace JDBC or any other J2EE API.
I have been collecting a resources page for SCEA.
Most of the links are found in this forum.
The following are the links I bookmarked for security.
I'm still reading EJB and haven't studied the above links for the security topic. Please tell me if they are useful.
I dont think you can do that.
If you want a printed copy better go buy the book.
Yep, you are right. I found them on page 7.
Thanks Burk !