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Recent posts by Sai Hegde

Over the span of career over a number of projects, I have come across many engineers who have hacked together solutions but would those solutions be called creative.. I would not dare term them as creative but at the same time they solved the problem on hand. How do you encourage/coach engineers to find that perfect balance between hacking and creativity in programming?

8 months ago
@Jeremy  Algorithms to detect killer asteroids.. wow.. Now that is some exciting work.
The preamble said To Stop those asteroids was left as future work.. Would love to hear how that is coming along and if you have fun stories to share about with your work in designing those algorithms in the first place
1 year ago
Congratulations on the book, Jeremy...  I was happy to see Jeanne on the reviewers list
1 year ago
Love and respect, Kathy, Bert and Trisha. Good to see you guys here on the ranch!!!
1 year ago
Hey Davi.. Congratulations on your book.

Does the book touch on the downsides/pain points of using a hexagonal architecture? and what were some of the tradeoffs that you made as part of designing systems?
Appreciate both your answers..

I guess the "the ownership model of the infrastructure" is key in making that determination most of the times.
2 years ago
A question along the same lines -

How do you decide between a single repo for all your IAC or keeping them inside the project(micro-service) repos???
2 years ago
Cool.. So this is all good from the CI point, but what about containers out there? Do you do some kind of nightly jobs to determine which containers have newly discovered vulnerabilities?
2 years ago
I see there is a oscap-docker project, but how does that work in a CI/CD pipeline? Does the live project dabble into that or is it just running oscap for the EC2 instances provisioned?
2 years ago
Plus Terraform is not just restricted to the AWS catalog. We have used plugins to build our New Relic dashboards through terraform across dev, test and prod environments.
2 years ago
Well.. my interest for graph algorithms stems from my work. (I work with algorithms dealing with genomics a lot.) As for the Max flow problems, that was for the course I was putting together and wanted to see different teaching perspectives of the same.
3 years ago
Congratulations on getting the book out Bradford.
As many have already expressed, writing a book on algorithms that is interesting to read is a Herculean task. I've been trying to pen a course for a friend and I spend weeks on just one topic and I am still not done. I loved the outfielder analogy and I am sold on your writing style. 👏🏻

Also, I went through the book description but could not make if your book does cover graph algorithms or max flow problems?
3 years ago
On the same topic... maybe more from an agile project management perspective, how do you go from the ideation of an algorithm to a reasonably optimum solution in a packed sprint??
3 years ago

Daniel Zingaro wrote:
... a memory just came to me. I remember trying to copy a few songs from my No Doubt CD back in the day, but they were taking up too much space on my hard drive. So I compressed the heck out of them, like down to mono voice quality, all scratchy and barely listenable. To this day when I think about the song Don't Speak I hear that muffled version in my head...

LOL... been there, done that.
3 years ago