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Karthikraj Magapu

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Recent posts by Karthikraj Magapu

I am using cruisecontrol 2.0 that creates logs with the following first line ..
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Cp1252"?>
and i get an exception in tomcat when trying to parse this via a log reader jsp. (cannot recognize cp1252 format .. )
when i change the first line (manually) to
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
everything works fine !
what jar do i need in my classpath to allow the cp1252 encoding to be recognised ?
Hi All,
Both me and my wife cleared Part I just over an hour ago !!
I got 91 % (4 wrong)
my wife (Sonal Magapu) got 87 % (6 wrong)
Yaahooo !!!
A big thanks to everyone who has posted information and exam experiences on this site.
we will also be posting some stuff soon !!
we began studying over 3 months ago but attacked the books seriously only 5 weeks ago.
Hi all,
I was wondering if someone can explain the following patterns in their own words :
i understand the general idea of state and strategy but am very confused about visitor !
I am reading gof and the java companion for design patterns.
thanks in advance
the constructor has a return type .. only this is not explicitly defined in the code .. the contructor return type is same as its class type. This return type is implicit. The contructor 'constructs' and returns an object of the class in which it is defined.
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18 years ago
does the program actually go to sleep and never wake up or does it crash ?
maybe something you are doing in the code is throwing an exception that is not being handled ?
Since the program works fine for a few hours, it may be somthing related to memory ?
Can you post the code of the loop ?
What does the program do when it wakes up ? maybe the file handling of the log file causes some exception after sometime ?
Just shooting off some thoughts ...
hope this helps ..

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18 years ago
the game still does not load ..
i am using NT4.0, ie6.0
i get the following error in the status bar:
load: class QuizApplet not found
18 years ago
The rulea roundup game applet does not load .. I get a class not found message when i move the cursor over the applet area.
18 years ago
Hi Subrahmanyam,
I would like to say something about EJB and enterprise development :
EJB is a wonderful technology for true enterprise development.
The problem is that many people actually dont understand what an enterprise application is and like to believe that their application is really an enterprise application and go ahead and use EJB. Then somewhere along the way, they begin to feel that EJB is not adding value to their application. This is where they start getting negative about EJB.
The situation is similar to using engineering methodologies used by NASA to manufacture a space shuttle, to fix your car!! (overkill!!)
If you have a true enterprise system, (the definition and understanding of which can take a book) EJB does well to get your work done.
If your system needs to be distributed, scalable, robust, developed in many tiers, needs primary services like security, concurrency, transactions, persistence, will be used by millions of users, THEN you need EJB.
You have to first design your application, find the right technology needed to develop your technology (client/server, standalone app, enterprise solution etc. ) then decide upon the specific technology like EJB.
Just my humble thoughts !
Since a checked exception has to be caught or propogated to the calling method, you will have conciously made a decision as to what to do if the exception condition occurs. This ensures that you handle exceptions in your code, or deliberately decide not to ! This mechanism persuades you to handle an exception while still giving you an option of passing on the responsibility to the calling method.
18 years ago