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Simon Wilsona

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Recent posts by Simon Wilsona

I have been working my way through the J2EE tutorial using netbeans and glassfish.

So far everything was going ok, but today when I loaded up netbeans and opened the latest example project I found that I was getting error messages "package javax.package.bean does not exist". This applied not only to the newly opened project, but also to a couple of project I had previously open and sucessfully run.

I have managed to fix one of the projects by manually adding references to JSf 1.2 and JSF 2.1 libraries. I guess I can do that for all the other examples if I have to, but that is a bit of a pain.

Does anyone have any idea what might have got wrong and more importantly how I can fix it. I guess I need to somehow cross reference those libaries to the glassfish server references inside Netbeans so they are automatically included in any future projects I open? However cannot work out how to do that inside Netbeans.

Any advice greatfully received.

Along with it seems everyone else who has tried the Head First Servlet book, I cannot make this work.

I have read through this thread, and various other on the internet. Changed my web.xml (repeatedly), put my source in a package, all to no avail.

Could some kind person who has fought their way through this provide a full working example of the web.xml & tomcat directories?


8 years ago