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Recent posts by Radovan Vukovic

GWT has 3 "layers" client, shared and server.
On server side you can use what ever is suitable for Java and database.

If you want to use Hibernate you need to know that domain objects used by hibernate cant be serialized. One of the strategies to solve this problem is using TDO...

I think GWTP is best solution... On such way you will not use Spring but insted of it you will use Guice
12 years ago
In general this is the problem

I have one presenter (on application load I have revelPlace signIn Place [this is first revel]) SignInPagePresenter and I have one action on button click.
Basically login and reveal some other place in application let’s say MainPagePresenter.
Now on MainPage I have logOutAction. And what this action actually do is to reveal SignInPreseneter [this is second reveal]
After this second reveal of signInPage my Uihnadlers are not working any more like they are not registered on SignInPage?

Can be that I have some error in code or so but the strange thing is that this is case Firefox (8.0.1) while in Chrome this is working perfectly

I am using GWTP 0.5.1 and GWT SDK 2.2.0








12 years ago
Have you try this?
13 years ago

I am not sure that this is answer on your question but check this recored webinar on spring source
13 years ago
13 years ago
I did not work with JSF but seams to me that mapping in web.xml are missing

13 years ago
13 years ago
You can always validate address (or addresses) before you actual send message
13 years ago
This should be object Identifier. according to this doc it is used by VM

How you can use this, well depending what you want...
E.g. create a breakpoint using the condition System.identityHashCode(object) == number
Do you have some firewall?
Can be that you need to open port in firewall?
13 years ago
Why you are using POIFSFileSystem?
Only to create HSSFWorkbook?

If this is only reason then you can try and create HSSFWorkbook directly from InputStream

Check please
13 years ago
have you check hashCode()
hashCode must generate equal values for equal objects
13 years ago
This error coming probably from your file, could be that is corrupted?

Or (I did not work with version after 3.5) i know that this version did not support excel autofilter. Can be that this is in your file?
13 years ago