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Recent posts by Diego Miranda

Hi all
I'm pretty new to JPA, so it may sound like a stupid question... I'm getting the following error in console:

In my database I have the following, wich I use to generate the entities using Eclipse's JPA Tools:

The JPA tools generates me the following entities:

if I do put the attributes insertable=false, updatable=false, it stops complaining, but I don't like not knowing what its complaining about
Could anyone help me understand whats going on here?
sorry if it sounds stupid but I'm new to JPA and am trying to learn and understand a little more

Thanks in advance!
Sorry, maybe its better suited for the JPA forum
if someone can please move it...
Hi guys/gals!!
I've just finished a course on Web Application development so please bear with me hehe.
I've developed a reaaaaly simple enterprise application using Eclipse Helios (64 bit), Glassfish v3, Postgres 8.4, with JPA 2.0, EJB3.0, Struts, EclipseLink2.1
The app consists of:

- A simpe jsp file (called AltaUsuario.jsp) that consist of a simpe form with only one field

- The corresponding ActionForm for the jsp
- The corresponding Action (called RegisterServiceAction)

- A sessionbean called RegisterService

- A entity called UserProfile

- My persistence.xml file looks like this

The structure that eclipse deploys in the server is as follows

The error that shows me is the following:

But if I look into the PruebaJPAJPA.jar directory I can see that the .class is in there

Could anyone give me a hand with this?
pleeeaaseeee, I'm going nuts (even read the Specs for JavaEE 6.0 trying to solve this problem)

Thanks in advance for any help/tip that I can use!!!