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Does anybody have SCJP voucher for sale that expires
soon that you want to sell ? Pls respond.
I have a callable statement and I am getting error on WSAD512 portal test server when on this line in the code :


connection = ConnectionManager.getConnection(SQLConstants.DATA_SOURCE);

stmt = connection.prepareCall( SQLConstants.GET_TEAM_NAME_SQL);



On this last line it errors with exception saying :

[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.ibm.ws.rsadapter.jdbc.WSJdbcPreparedStatement.setString(WSJdbcPreparedStatement.java:1296)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.montanastatefund.froi.db.ClaimDAO.getTeamName(ClaimDAO.java:131)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.montanastatefund.froi.db.ClaimDAO.createClaim(ClaimDAO.java:78)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.wgc.froi.incident.handler.FROIBD.createClaim(FROIBD.java:135)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.wgc.froi.user.handler.NoticeAction.createClaim(NoticeAction.java:335)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.wgc.froi.user.handler.NoticeAction.execute(NoticeAction.java:155)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.ibm.wps.portlets.struts.WpsRequestProcessor.processActionPerform(WpsRequestProcessor.java:245)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at org.apache.struts.action.RequestProcessor.process(RequestProcessor.java:274)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.ibm.wps.portlets.struts.WpsStrutsPortlet.processActionPerformed(WpsStrutsPortlet.java:1412)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.ibm.wps.portlets.struts.WpsStrutsPortlet.actionPerformed(WpsStrutsPortlet.java:1145)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.ibm.wps.pe.pc.legacy.SPIPortletInterceptorImpl.handleEvents(SPIPortletInterceptorImpl.java:438)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at org.apache.jetspeed.portlet.Portlet._dispatch(Portlet.java:794)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at org.apache.jetspeed.portlet.Portlet.access$100(Portlet.java:88)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at org.apache.jetspeed.portlet.Portlet$Context.callPortlet(Portlet.java:899)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.ibm.wps.pe.pc.legacy.cmpf.impl.PortletFilterChainImpl.doFilter(PortletFilterChainImpl.java:139)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.ibm.wps.portlet.filters.PortletControlledTranscodingFilter.doActionEvent(PortletControlledTranscodingFilter.java:192)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.ibm.wps.pe.pc.legacy.cmpf.PortletFilterAdapter.doFilter(PortletFilterAdapter.java:126)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.ibm.wps.pe.pc.legacy.cmpf.impl.PortletFilterChainImpl.doFilter(PortletFilterChainImpl.java:118)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at com.ibm.wps.pe.pc.legacy.cmpf.impl.PortletFilterManager.doFilter(PortletFilterManager.java:242)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at org.apache.jetspeed.portlet.Portlet.dispatch(Portlet.java:636)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at org.apache.jetspeed.portlet.Portlet.doPost(Portlet.java:516)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:760)
[9/7/04 10:39:57:230 MDT] 1f1c6426 SystemErr R at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:853)

15 years ago
I tried to login to the www.certmanager.net/sun website with my prometric id and password the way i used to about 6 months back and find that the site does not exist anymore. Is the integral site that Evelyn gave use the same userid and password ? My certmanager password is not working on this new site and i cannot login there. It however works in the www.certmanager.net/~sun_s/assignment.html
link, so doesnt that mean it has not changed. Could anyone who has similar experience help me.
I have a problem getting the IText PDF writer to use the outputstream from our struts action class in a WPS5.0 environment. I took a look at JSR168 which might help if we were to use J2EE1.4. I get a illegalstateexception when we try to create the outputstream from the PortletResponse or ServletResponse which we know are non existent in our environment. Is there any other way around this, or any other way to generate PDF without using outputstream ?
15 years ago
I am using WSAD5.01 with PortalToolkit 5 with Struts. I have the welcome page of my app coming up but after that all the links and actions have struts path and not portal path so no links or actions work. For eg for one of the GIF files I have http://localhost:9081/FroiWAR/skins/skinMT/images/logo.gif which should actually have a portlet URL. I know I am missing something in my setup. Can anybody pls help.
16 years ago
I have WSAD 5.0 with portal toolkit 5.0 but the portal feature
does not come up when I run wsad.exe . But when i run eclipse.exe
from within the eclipse folder in the wsad installation, i can
see the portal feature. could anyone help me pls.
16 years ago
Thanks for the response. But is there no Ver5 exam corresponding to
IBM Certified Enterprise Developer - IBM WebSphere Application Server, Advanced Single Server Edition for Multiplatforms, V4.0
the 158 test ?
I am looking at taking up websphere certification but IBM has only Ver 4 certification for single servers. Is the ver 5 certification expected and if so when ? Thanks
I have about 3 yrs of J2EE experience but really messed up my
assignment trying to finish it in less than a week's time as I had
absolutely no time from my work.(total
time put in should be around 7-8 hours). I had to submit a correction
to Sun 2 days after my part 3, and thankfully they accepted it.
I kept the models really simple, just keeping the important classes
but made sure I mentioned them in the Part3.
Congrats Adrian. Is the chance of getting job better with this SCBCD ?
16 years ago
Just managed to pass SCEA part 2 . Submitted it on Oct 27th, took part3 on Oct 28th. Sun seems to have become very fast. Very shady results though, barely managed to pass with 72%. Big relief anyways. Thanks to javaranchers.
Which is the best preparation for SCBCD ? Is it
1. Whizlabs
2. INESystems
3. HeadsUP
Pls share your opinions .
If you are asking about the courses Sun mentions on their website as recommended courses for the SCEA, then I dont suggest them. I took couple of them and found them no use to the exams. They dont help for this exams in any way.
So do we have to pay the 250$ again to download the same assignment , or pay 250$ + 150$ ?
Ravi, thanks for the suggestion. I sent a mail to who2contact@sun.com and suncert@prometric.com, whoever can attach my addendum to the assignment. I took the part3 today and it was fine. hope for the best now.