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Recent posts by Val Pecaoco

An option also is to use add/remove software or yum with Fedora (or Yum Extender if you have it installed) and YaST with SuSE.

17 years ago
gcj is pre-shipped with Fedora such that the symbolic link /usr/bin/java points to the gcj installation. /usr/bin is automatically added to the PATH env variable by Fedora such that this is what Java programs are getting. What I did for my Fedora Core 5 (and also with my SuSE 10.0 and Solaris 10) was to use a technique mentioned in the Solaris installation guide to install the JDK, essentially bypassing the gcj installation:

"Setting JDK 5.0 to be the default - On Solaris 8 and 9, it is possible for root users to make JDK 5.0 the default Java platform by modifying the /usr/java symbolic link to point to /usr/jdk/jdk1.5.0. On Solaris 9, a root user would modify the /usr/j2se symbolic link to point to the same 5.0 directory..."

I used the self-extracting binary (*.bin) and not the *.rpm version (I am running v1.5.0 update 7) because this can be customized to install in a folder you choose. I installed into /opt and used the instruction above to repoint all the sym links of the JDK tools under /usr/bin to that installation (of course I backed up all the old ones there first).

The Solaris install guide can be found here:

After that I got it all running smoothly, but of course the dampener is that you have to know the Solaris install guide beforehand for a workaround.

[ December 01, 2006: Message edited by: Val Pecaoco ]
17 years ago
My 2 cents: Solaris 10.

Solaris is optimized as a server platform (the features in your wish list). Throw in DTrace and Solaris Containers and now, ZFS is available for the x86 flavor. is the place to go if you need add-ons.
17 years ago
Eclipse 3.1.2 is bundled with Fedora Core 5. Not sure though if 3.2.x is bundled with Core 6.
17 years ago
Hi Ranchers, just wanna ask your experiences with software RAID on Linux/Solaris/Windows; which OS does it best? My home PC is getting old and I would like to turn it into a NAS (FreeNAS most probably) + software RAID after I buy a new one. Thanks!
17 years ago
Actually, Google is one of the main sponsors of and maintains its own variant of the Linux kernel at

Key Linux programmer moves to Google
[ October 21, 2006: Message edited by: Val Pecaoco ]
17 years ago

(This is amazing!!! Still going strong after 5 years [I was still a greenhorn back then ] I'd say...more birthdays to come!!! )
17 years ago
In an application design training I attended the past week, an instructor said that using deep inheritance is not a really good design principle since it increases the object size as you go further down the inheritance hierarchy. While I'm skeptical because this is the first time I heard about this (and haven't read it elsewhere), I wanna verify with you guys if this is true? Thanks!
[ October 14, 2006: Message edited by: Val Pecaoco ]
17 years ago

Originally posted by Peter Rooke:
- where? The [US] TV channels don't seem to show any football (round ball). Couldn�t find any (late) coverage or highlights of the Barcelona vs. Chelsea match, the other night. - Have to find a English / Irish pub in NY.
Underdogs; Czech Rep - could just win it.

[ March 09, 2006: Message edited by: Peter Rooke ]

Here in the 2002 national carrier PTV 4 televised all the games. Now in 2006 I still don't know if they'll repeat, but local cable channel SportsPlus will also provide full coverage.

Yep, Czech Republic is also vastly improved.
18 years ago
I'll be watching all of USA's games, hopefully until the finals They're steadily improving...can't wait to see how they fare againts the top guns. Exciting underdogs...GO USA!!!
18 years ago
Got it, it's 3.1.rc1...thanks again Tom for the help.
18 years ago

I just would like to ask what is the Hibernate version bundled with JBoss AS 4.0.3? Can't seem to find it in the docs. Thanks!
18 years ago
Subversion is a very interesting improvement for the current CVS. And its got a nice tools portfolio already. When it gets into the mainstream I'd sure be switching to it.
I'm looking for a CVS server for UNIX, specifically for Solaris 8 x86, and also for Windows NT other than CVSNT.
Hi guys,
I'm very sorry for this off-topic but I'm getting desperate
I just installed Oracle9i Release 2 on W2K Advanced Server and the Enterprise Manager wouldn't start from the Windows "Programs" menu. Likewise, when I tried directly running the batch file from the command prompt ("oemapp console") , it didn't start, but there was this message:

The input line is too long.
The syntax of the command is incorrect.

Please help! Thanks in advance for the replies!
Ex Animo Java!
-- Val