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To those that replied, thank you very much.
I guess the word �boring� came to mind for this exam, because what I was studying, I could not immediately see results in a live environment (with the exception of the odd design pattern). Compared with the more hands on java exams.
For example in studying for SCBCD
I would read about some useful trick with relationships in EJB and I would have a quick play, see it work in practice and find it interesting and learn from it.
While under SCEA
I would read for example about the �Object Mapping� theory of �legacy code� of a mainframes, that I could now access with an �off-board� server, via �tunneling� through their firewall on port 80 using JRMP, into their �Virtual Private Network�, then call the code via JNI.
Then I would think well that�s just bloody great, but how can I go through the process in practice to appreciate what is possible.... The answer was I can not and who in there right mind would do that ?.
So I found myself reading all these wonderful/bizarre and obscure scenario�s that after a while made me feel that there was some seriously over active imaginations out there.

I am hoping when I start part 2 one day, I will start to see all the waffle I had to wade through for part 1 has some applicable use.

Good luck to all.
BEA Certified Server specialist, SCJP, SCJD, SCWCD,SCBCD and SCEA(part1)
Hi All,

Thought I may of scored around 90% when I finished, as it seemed so easy.

Instead I received a result of 79% for part 1, which I was disappointed with... my lowest to date on all exams has been 88% prior to this.

Overall this has been the most boring exam to study for to date, maybe this was my problem.

I am in no hurry to rush out to do part 2 and 3, I think as a priority I need to go and recover some personality as this studying has made me into a very boring person. I even yawn when I think about myself

Good luck to all and remember to keep a life as well as study, or you will become that be-speckled nerd, that everyone has given up inviting to social events.

BEA Certified Server specialist, SCJP, SCJD, SCWCD,SCBCD and now SCEA(part1)
Thomas: Do another SCBCD trial exam ?...are you mad !... I was waking up in the middle of the night with questions swimming through my head after doing so many, in a short time frame.
Although masochistically, I am already scoping around the resources required for the architect (part 1)...the requirements do not seem too difficult, after doing the sun technical exams, just mainly brushing up UML. Plus resources are well established because of time exam has existed.

Jeff : Oh very funny (and you should not be throwing stones, if I recall)... and I am already SQLWindows certified and also Centura Certified... but I normally have that in very small print on my CV ... so may I do the Architect exam now please ?
By the way I am leaving Three at end of month (9 working days)... So if you know of a new contract for a very qualified J2EE/Weblogic guy let me know.

Some nostalga for you Jeff => SQLWindows Certified, Centura Team Windows Certified, BEA Weblogic certified server specialist, SCJP, SCJD, SCWCD, SCBCD
Thomas : Sincere Apologies, in my rush preparing for the exam I miss-interpreted the statistics page off the homepage. My score for the final exam is indeed recognised and I am currently number 2 !.

Veena : Yes, I have used EJB a bit (not much in last 12 months), so I understood the basic architecture of an EJB Server. Though I did NOT have that deep and thorough knowledge, that is required for the exams.

Jayant : Sorry for not responding to your question earlier.
I am guessing your �Any mocks you attended??� question is asking what mock exams I did.
The answer to this is already in the first email. I did not buy any exams like whizlabs or softSCBCD and did not buy or use any other material that is not freely available on the net.

Hope this helps.
Hello Thomas,
Jeff (whom I worked with at Three) and yourself have done an amazing job on that website, with the quality of your questions being the highest I have seen on a free website.
The response time between questions of your server is very high, and structure of your testing regime in the Certification was very well done.
I especially like the personalized isolation of the questions I had problems with, so I could re-visit later.
The only thing I was a little disappointed with is, I did your Final Exam and got a good score, so was looking forward to seeing my names in lights. As you have the highest scorers on your homepage of your webpage. Though when I read the fine print, I found the scores were an aggregate of all the exams on your site. So because I did not do all the exams (not enough time) I didn�t show up�..sniff.
Now if you guys could get your architect (SCEA) site ready, I would be most appreciative.
Good work, you get an A+ (very high grade)
I set myself a tight timeframe (2 weeks, while holding down fulltime job) for this exam, so reading and re-reading redundant material was to be minimized
The most valuable resources for this exam for me in order of importance were : I read this all the way takes exerts of the ejb-spec and forms it into a document in an exam relevant way. : Heaps of questions, on slick site. : Essential to double check sanity on many questions and learning standard interface methods.
Also had the DTD of EJB 2.0 spec sitting beside me during study.

I looked around for other people�s questions and
is a reasonable website, but I did get frustrated with it, as some questions are wrong or just so badly formed there is no correct answer.

From there on down, most other peoples questions I found around the place where more detrimental than productive. With the link in the forum page of �Muhammad Ashikuzzaman's exam notes� being the worse of them all�.does more harm than good that document.
I did NOT BUY any books and I even did not read the free MasteringEJB2.pdf that may be downloaded.

About the exam itself, I almost wet my pants when I saw the length of the EJB-QL questions�they should have been allocated twice as many marks, for time invested.
I scored 87% (61/70)

SCJP,SCJD,SCWCD,Weblogic Enterprise Server specialist and.... *SCBCD*
but the complete MasteringEJB2 book, can be dowloaded from
Have fun.
Thanks to your overwhelming help with this one. I must not of mentioned those magic words "Head First EJB", which appears to attract lots of help
In the end I found what i was after in the specs (page 172) and found that statement one was actually correct after all.
Quote from specs :
"The container invokes the ejbRemove() method on an entity bean instance in response to a
client-invoked remove operation on the entity bean�s home or component interface or as the
result of a cascade-delete operation. The instance is in the ready state when ejbRemove() is
invoked and it will be entered into the pool when the method completes."
When doing a JDiscuss exam. I found apparently two conflicting statements, regarding an entity bean.
Statement one: "When the container calls ejbRemove(), the bean enters the 'Pooled' state and is not necessarily destroyed (via unsetEntityContext() )"
Statement two: "Once the bean is removed, the bean 'does not exist'"
I am fairly confident that it is Statement two that is correct.
Any support ?.
I am trying to understand why a Stateful session bean with BMT, may
access SessionContext.getUserTransaction() in its ejbCreate/ejbRemove/ejbActivate and ejbPassivate methods.
But a CMT Stateful session bean may NOT access SessionContext.getRollbackOnly()/SessionContext.setRollbackOnly() in these same methods.
Most of those replies made me realise its a common experience.
Time to start my next cert (SCBCD).
17 years ago
Has anyone experienced verbal attacks by peers because they have found out, you are certified in something.
It is really disheartening... as you put alot of effort into them.
The general gist of the attack is
(1) Cetifications are worthless.
(2) Certifications are covering up for incompetence (implying you must be incompetent as you are certified).
Followed usually by a story about someone they knew who got 97% in an exam but was the most incompetent person ever. Who could not write a line of code to save their lives.
It goes without question that these people do not have certifications.
I would like to hear your experience and suggestions on how to deal with it.
SCJP, SCJD, SCWCD, Weblogic Server Specialist 7.0
17 years ago
Hi all,
I do not know the following method is good for.
String HttpSession.getId() .
As although I have seen it mentioned, as being a technique of URL rewriting. I don�t know how you use this number to identify an active session.
To reiterate I can not find any method that accepts this number and does anything useful with it.
Can anyone enlighten me?.
Thankyou in advance.