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Recent posts by david colais

Hi Guys...
I want to download jdk 1.5 for 32 bit vista os.
I can only find 64 bit version of jdk in the oracle site.
Can anyone provide the link for the same.
12 years ago
@Jay Orsaw : Its really comprehensive covering all sections of technology.
Hope this helps.
12 years ago
@Jay Orsaw : I just went for it and registered.
And it is a genuine service.
Hope this helps.
12 years ago
@Jay Orsaw : No they dont have paypal.
This topic should be definitely posted somewhere else.
Where could this be posted?
12 years ago
Hi Guys,

I took a look at the sample material on the site and its very good.
I was concerned about giving credit card info.
Can anyone verify whether its safe to give the credit card details as i can't contact the bank.
12 years ago
I have a unix command as follows:
Command : nawk -F, '{x=$4;gsub(" ", "", x);print >x".dat"}' $proj_file

The file passed to it is a .txt file with over 20 columns and over a million rows.

The above command will be performing the action as pasted below.
This command is performing all the work but it is taking a long time.

So i am considering doing this by java.
How do i achieve the same.

Description of the unix command:
I'm reading a file $proj_file (a variable set elsewhere in my script).

-F, sets "," as the field delimiter

x=$4 assigns the value of the fourth comma-delimited field to the variable "x"

gsub performs a global substitution against the string assigned to x. Basically it eliminates all spaces by changing them to the empty string.

print without further specification writes out the complete input record

> redirects to an output file

x".dat" is the output file, whose name is constructed from the variable "x" (remember: the fourth field of your input record, but with spaces eliminated) and a suffix ".dat".

Let's say I'm have an input record like tis:

123, 456, some more, this is it, rest of, record

My statement will write the complete input line to a file named "thisisit.dat"

Each line containing "this is it" will go to the same output file (awk always appends),
lines containing other data will go to other output files according to the name construction rules above.

In other words, the command distributes the content of an input file to one or several output files, depending on the content of a particular column in the input data.

12 years ago
@Bear Bibeault :I know but my company's coding was previously done in jsp.That's why i am forced to learn this sybase database or accessing database through jsp even though it's not advisable.Please can you suggest any material that could help.Thanks for replying...
13 years ago
Hi guys...
I am facing a lot of problems while programming jsp programs with sybase database.I am a newbie to sybase database.Can anyone suggest any book or reference material for programming jsp programs for sybase.
13 years ago
Hi guys...help
I am in a problem.While running the web project in eclipse i clicked Show Remote Systems view by mistake instead of Run As and my project is not working now.Please can anyone help me to disable Remote Systems view.Please help i have to submit my project tomorrow...
Sorry i have no idea if it uses container-managed connection pooling.
13 years ago
I am using JBoss 4.0.2...
I dont know whether i have to place the jar file in the WebContent/WEB-INF/lib path or not.
13 years ago
Sorry for not typing it correctly:
I have pasted in WebContent/WEB-INF/lib
13 years ago
I have pasted my classes12.jar file in the webcontent/web-inf/lib directory.But my .java programs work fine.
Please help.....
13 years ago
Hi guys... i have written a servlet program which performs a simple query from the datbase and displays the results.But my servlet is returning java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/jdbc/driver/OracleDrive exception.
But if i perform the same database operation from a normal .java file i am getting the results.Please help
13 years ago
Hi guys,
I am a newbie to jdbc.The problem i am facing is i do not know what to use ie "string value" to load a driver in the Class.forname() method and the String to put in the DriverManager.getConnection() methods.
I have installed mysql server 5.1 and its working fine.I have also set the dsn as "MyDSN" and its driver is mentioned as "MySql ODBC 5.1 Driver".
presently there are 3 databases in db server:mydb,mysql,first.
If i have to use any one of these databases then what should my previously asked values be.
Please help...