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Trieu Duong Nguyen

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since Nov 24, 2010
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Recent posts by Trieu Duong Nguyen

OCEJWSD is really really deficult!

You know from long time, i don't register and test the exam!

4 years ago

Congratulations!! Great job

Sometime there are some members passing the exam. I fell happy too.

I hope pass it in near future
Great score!
Congratulations !
5 years ago
really good score !
5 years ago
RMH.J2EE.Web.Services book,

I suggest it
Congratulations, Noni Singh!
5 years ago
oh, You got almost all of J2ee certificate.
5 years ago
Good job !
Thanks for your shared experience
5 years ago
Great ! Congratulation on you.

I intent to prepare SCDJWS much time. but ultil now i do a litle. Some post of passed-SCDJWS person help me to come back the street.

6 years ago
I wonder the book is enough for get OCEWSD6 certificate ?
Can you give me more suggestion

OCEWSD6 Study Guide by Mikalai Zaikin .