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Recent posts by Abhilash Sharma

Tony Jaa wrote:
Hey ! I am curious to know if your employer actually feels that your certifications are valuable. I have a OCJP 6 cert too, but i dont think that it is valued in the industry. Everyone asked me technical questions and Q's related to my projects.
No one even cared if I had these certifications. What about you?

Certifications won't promise you a job.It only shows that you are serious about the technology(java/j2ee) in which you are willing to work and you have shown some promise and commitment to learn it.But again it depends upon employer to employer.You will gonna be grilled with technical questions which is the whole point anyway of doing certs so that you can be strong in basics.
10 years ago
Thanks Bear for your Suggestions.I was just just confused about the career opportunities as a automation Engg.(Java) in near future say after 2 years.Do companies are going to use automation(Java)(I don't know how many companies in India are using it).Anyone who have the experience in automation field please clear my doubts.It will be a big help for me.
10 years ago
I am OCPJP 6 and OCEJWCD EE6 Certified. After doing my certifications I was searching for job in Java Developer profile for around 2 months but didn't have any luck(as I know it is hard to get a job for a fresher in this pprofile). I have been offered a Java Automation Engineer post. They are using Selenium tool. Package is good or I can say it is same as Java Developer for that company. Just want to know what will be the future of Java Automation.Is this the right track for me. I heard that in Automation they only going to use core java. Is Automation engineers considers as Testers(Software Testing). I love all the JSP/SERVLETS STUFF.But I didn't have any problem in this area as well but just want know how things will go in future.
10 years ago
Thanks for replying Joe.But,if one wants to go with global trend then which one's should be selected,so that it their should be no wastage of time
10 years ago
I am from India,fresher and before applying to any jobs here I committed myself to learn couple of web frameworks according to the industry demand.
So, I am on my way of learning SpringMVC but I am confused between other option(Struts1 or 2 vs JSF).
I'll be applying soon, so any suggestion regarding which framework to go with according to industry demands will be appreciated.

10 years ago
Thanks Tim
10 years ago
So what you are saying is that I should concentrate on JSP AND SERVLETS and leave JSF. I am a fresher and will applying for jobs soon. So, I thought may be I should learn JSF (may be JSP+SERVLETS AND JSF LOOKS GOOD ON RESUME).
Couple of days back,I bought this CORE JAVASERVER FACES book ,start learning and found the difference between the approaches.(like form data directly send to bean wheras in other case it would sent to servlet/jsp).
10 years ago
Thanks a Alan and Tim for your valuable suggestions. I think firstly,I need to built my app with JSP and Servlets and then transform it to JSF.(just to learn how things work with jsf)
10 years ago

I am just a beginner at JSF So I didn't know whether it is right question.
Is it possible that If I make a form with JSF tags/components and define a servlet for action attribute (i.e can form data submitted to a servlet) and if yes then How can I achieve this and How can I get form parameters in servlet. Is it same as request.getParameter() of method or anything else.
Please explain.
I am going to make a project for my self practice and want to use JSF,SERVLET AND JSP all together.

10 years ago
Hi Palak

Sorry to hear about that. Your disappointment is natural and ovious. Actually I got a PM from you asking about exam and I asked you if you gave any mock tests but you didn't replied.
Anyway's Let me share you one thing. I also FAILED the exam first time and was in same situation as you. But then I take couple of days off , gather my thoughts and gave it again and second time I cleared it big time and after a month I also cleared OCEJWCD.
So, that was me and I bet there will be many more. So what I am saying is don't let yourself down ,be brave gave some mock exams ,understand everything in Kathy bert book(specially generics and collection as well which you asked me in PM if you can skip some part of it..learn and practice everything).
I am sure that you will gonna clear it next time.


A. Aka wrote:hi,

my question is which listener should be declared in DD (between those : ServletContextAttributeListener, HttpSessionListener, ServletRequestListener, ServletRequestAttributeListener, HttpBindingListener, HttpSessionAttributeListener, ServletContextListener, HttpSessionActivationListener)

My second question is if I declare a listener in DD which should not be, do I get an Exception ?


See this Configuring Listeners

R Gle wrote:The function...

void go(int ouch)//1
for (int ouch = 0; ouch < 5; ouch++)//2

So this will compile in C++, but not Java?? Why doesn't JAVA accept this,but C++ does?

In case of java, once ouch is declared at 1 it can't be declared again at 2 because ouch is considered local to function block/scope and for loop come under that scope. So, you can't declare same variable two times in the same block/scope.

In case of c++, I think for loop may be considered as different scope to the compiler. So, may be redeclaration is not a problem.

Rahul Choudhary wrote:Hey everyone. I was going through one of the FAQs in SCJP FAQ Page which was What are some potential trips/traps in the SCJP exam?

Two sentences I did not understand and I was hoping someone could explain them.

1. Forward references to variables gives a compiler error.
2. Primitive array types can never be assigned to each other, even though the primitives themselves can be assigned. For example, ArrayofLongPrimitives = ArrayofIntegerPrimitives gives compiler error even though longvar = intvar is perfectly valid.


1. Forward referencing means that you are trying to use a variable before it's initialization in a class.

but in this case

2.Arrays are object in java. So you can assign them to each other if they are of same type.

for example

nirav liya wrote:hey Abhilash Sharma,
very very congratulation....
i am also preparing for OCEJWCD
Please help me,HFSJ is enough for OCEJWCD.
you read documentations whole or specific topic you mention in your post.

Thanks Nirav.
Reading whole spec would be an overkill(although it is good if you want to increase your knowledge in spec 3.0).Above mentioned topic would be sufficient.Goto the WALL OF FAMEsection and read the STORIES.
10 years ago