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Recent posts by Hrishikesh Yeshwant Alshi

Friends, I have never worked with GTW and for that matter any web application framework. But as part of my job I have to make few decisions (and code) regarding which UI component to be used for the below scenario. I have no clue. Please help.

I have a trend chart (Please see in the attachment). On the hover to the particular point on this chart, I want to display few values, These values are strings (up to 255 characters) and number values can be 1 to 200.

I have below questions:

1. Should the values be displayed on the mouse hover action?
2. Should the values be displayed in the tool-tip? (Wouldn't it be a clutter to show so much of information?)
3. Is there any other component for such a requirement?
4. Other?

Thanks much,
10 years ago
Hi Friends,

I have cleared OCPJP/SCJP today with 86%. It was disheartening to score below 90%.
Not a very bad score though but certainly disheartening.

Here is my story. (I was unable to put my story on SCJP wall-of-fame so putting it here.)


1. Read K&B book twice and took LDR (Last Day Revision) notes of important points/tips.
2. Did a lot of coding as part of my job (mainly in Eclipse) and little more for SCJP (in notepad).
3. I have bought Enthuware 6 and appeared for nine standard tests. Exam Labs diagnostic test and few other mock tests.
4. Evaluated the mistakes made in the exams and took notes out of it.
5. Completed Orange belt on BlackBeltFactory.
6. Did just enough revision (not rigorous kind of revision.)

Mock Exam Scores:

Enthuware 6 standard tests:

Test 1: 80%
Test 2: 83%
Test 3. 92%
Test 4: 77%
Test 5: 90%
Test 6: 78%
Test 7: 75%
Test 8: 83%
Test 9: 80%

Exam Labs (Couple of months back)

Diagnostic test: 62%

Little about Porometric center:

My experience about the Prometic center is not so good. The white board and pen wasn't so good. (Friends, don't shy off from asking for better pen if it is not working). The attendant of the Prometric center looked irritated and frustrated with his life. He was not gentle. I didn't argue with him just to avoid spoiling my exam mood.

You would not be allowed to carry water bottle inside.

Real Exam:

I found real exam easy (I know my score is just 86%) but I found the exam really easy. Much easier than the mock exams. And way too easier than Exam Labs. Exam questions were really designed with lot of care. No ambiguities. Code was not indented though but it was short.

Exam questions are well designed to test your concepts only. I didn't find any question that was bluffing me.

I got nine drag and drop questions.

Java Ranch and Ranchers

Well, many thanks to all the Ranchers out here. This site really rocks and discussions/suggestions helps a LOT.

Kathy and Bert

What to say? I am a big fan of yours and love your book. I love the way you explain the concepts. Even after tiring twelve hours in office I used to find reading your book not just easy but very refreshing. Hats off to both of you. I love the way you explain "Why?" (I mean, the need of concept) before getting in to "what?" (the concept is all about). I admire the hard-work you guys have put-in, to make this book such a great help for us. Bravo.

I am looking forward for your book on Java Developer Certification. (Any plans for such a book?)


This is a great software and they have really put in a lot of effort for it. The explanation is very helpful and really worth your money. The exams are just a bit harder than the actual exam and that's the BESTEST part. Exams questions are really very near (concept wise and difficulty-level wise) to the actual exam.

My Mom:

Last but not the least, my mom had always been real inspiration and motivation for all my good deeds in life. Apart from being such an inspiration she gave me all the support she could.

I am going to post my notes soon. Any questions/queries are more than welcome.

11 years ago
@ahmad razaa.

Javin explains it correctly.


This question was asked by ahmad razaa. I was about to post the same reply but you did it just before me. You explanation makes it very clear.
For my own sanity:

Hi Friends,

I am planning to appear for the OCPJP/SCJP exam on 8th of this month. I am not really happy with my preparation though for some reasons I have to give the exam on 8th Jan.

So far I have given 9 standard exams form Enthuware 6 and below are my scores:

1. 80%
2. 83%
3. 92%
4. 77%
5. 90%
6. 78%
7. 75%
8. 83%
9. 80%

I fail to understand why there is so much variation in my scores. Probably it has to do with the level of concentration. Whenever I give exams with the fresh mind (in morning) I tend to score better and whenever I appear for exam after the office work I tend to score poorer.

I have got 62% in the Exam lab 5.0 diagnostic test (months back)

Anyway, I have 5 and half days left with me and I am planning to focus on my "Missed" questions so far and will try to memorise as much API signatures as I can. No more mock exams. (I can manage only 3-4 hours a day at max after office hours.)

I am little worried though because I have given all the mock exams ONLY from Enthuware and not from Master Exam, Cert pal etc.

Anyone who had used Enthuware, please share your experience. As in what you used to score in Enthuware mock exams and how much have you managed in the real exam?

I have seen this comparasion on enthuware site and it shows maximum average score in Enthuware mock exam is 73.36 and average real exam score is 83.52. (by 77 users)

How much should I expect in the real exam, realistically? I would have liked to score 90+ but looking at my mock exam score it doesn't seem to be on the cards.

Many thanks in advance.

Did I use the incorrect technical term - "Active/Passive usage of Classes/Interfaces"?

I found this in JLS - here

Apologies if that created confusion.

11 years ago
Hi Devaka,

I think there is some confusion. This is related with SCJP.

11 years ago

Which statements in Java cannot be labelled? I see,

Doesn't compile. I understand that labelling such statements doesn't make sense but in mock exams I have missed such questions because I don't clearly know what is the logic behind "which kind of statements can be labelled and which cannot be. And what is the reasoning behind it."

During real development labelling statements like int 1 = 10; wouldn't be in wildest of my thoughts though. But for exam it seems like this is important to know.

Many thanks in advance.

This is referring to the class/interface loading by the class loader: What is active and passive usage of classes and interfaces? Could anyone please elaborate this concept a bit? Or at least refer me to some good material for the same.

Many thanks in advance.
11 years ago

On oracle site I see:

While it is not necessary to purchase an exam voucher in order to register for an exam, vouchers are available for purchase from Oracle University. An alternative to purchasing an exam voucher from Oracle is to simply pay for your exam with a credit card when you register for the exam.

Please see here under the topic

Purchase a voucher

I am bit confused about this. What is the difference between purchasing a voucher against registering for an exam?

Yeah, so I was wondering, if some of you guys could tell me which Prometric Center to choose in Bangalore.

Hi Friends,

I have heard few of you guys have "no-so-good" experience with some of the Prometric centres. (I don't mean red-carpet welcome). But I heard that some centres do not allow to carry drinking water bottle and some centres provide erasable white boards and markers (which won't work) etc.

I would want to know if any of you guys have appeared for the exam in Bangalore. Which Prometric centre is better option etc.

Thanks much,
Hi Friends,

I am really sorry for posting this question again, but I am really having hard time answering the question on "API Contents"section.

I have bought Enthuware 6.0 and have given five standard exams so far. My scores are:

Test 1: 80
Test 2: 83
Test 3: 92
Test 4: 77 (Opps. Test 3 and Test 4 were given on the same day i.e. six hours + some study in between. So may be the concentration was not up to the mark.)
Test 5: 90

Most of the question I am missing are from the "API Contents" section. You know, its shown RED in the performance barchart. I am not even getting passing score in this objective.

Believe me, I have segregated the important API at one place and tried to dump the signatures of these into my mind. But this doesn't seem to be working for me.

How do you guys approach to this section? Any suggestions? Any good document/notes?

Thanks much,