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Recent posts by Joseph Fouts

Hi All,

Can a nested session bean be clustered?

Here is my problem. I have taken the simple hello world cluster test and have gotten it to work on two machines. A windows xp and a linus box. The test does exactly what I would expect I see the print statement display on each
server's console one after the other.

Here is my problem:

Now I change the original session bean to not be clustered and add lookup for a second session bean. The second bean(hello world 2) is clustered. The results for this test is that the print statements for both session beans are always displayed on the first server started. I was expecting the clustered second bean to display on each server one after the other just like the test above.

Can anyone tell me if this can be done or if there is something that I might be doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.


** I have the files for this simple test if someone would like me to email them.
13 years ago